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Working with ROD

Find your dream recruitment role?

We are currently looking for experienced Salesforce Recruitment Consultants who are hungry, humble and smart.

If you want to be part of an award winning team, then click on the button below to view our open Recruitment jobs.

Testimonial from Salesforce Recruitment Consultant

Working with us case study: Nick White

Joined ROD with 6 years of recruitment experience.

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Would you like to work in one of the fastest growth industries on the planet?

Salesforce Recruitment ConsultantsWhen ROD was founded in 2008 as the UK’s first Salesforce focused recruitment company, Salesforce was a cloud based CRM disruptor just making a name for itself.

With remote working being forced upon so many previously “remote reluctant” companies (us included), Cloud software has become an absolute must have for businesses, and Salesforce are the #1 leader in this space. According to a recent report it is expected that top Salesforce talent will continue to be in huge demand, which is why we are seeking Salesforce Recruitment Consultants to join our team.

Do you want a quick Salesforce history lesson?

Take a look at these great posts here and here or click on the button below to see ROD’s milestones and achievements from inception all the way up to the recent pandemic.

Do you want a home based role AND flexible working hours?

Award Winning Salesforce Recruitment Consultants

We understand that our ROD family members have unique needs and responsibilities outside of work.

To support work-life balance, we offer a flexible working policies that accommodate diverse situations and personal commitments. Basically it means you get to live your best life by structuring your day how you want.

And to prove how commitment to our ROD family we are, we were proud winners of a local award back in 2018, for best ‘Owner Managed Business’ and received recognition in 2019 for ‘Happy at Work’ environment.

Would you like to earn commission that goes up to 20% with zero threshold?

Salesforce Recruitment CareerAs Salesforce Recruitment Consultants, on top of your competitive base salary, benefits and other incentives, such as our generous consultant of the year prize:

  • 0 – £5,000 = 10% 
  • £5,001 – £10,000 = 15%
  • £10,001 + = 20%

We have been building and nurturing a database of Salesforce professionals since 2008. Check out our ROD by numbers page for ratios on placements and their stickability.


Do you want to work closely with the Founders and have access to a Life / Career Coach?

Salesforce PodcastROD is all about relationships, internally and externally.

The Founders at ROD have been involved in the Salesforce space since 2008, forging long standing relationships with people that are now true Salesforce ecosystem legends. In fact, we have interviewed many of those legends for our Podcast.

We’re also dedicated to providing equal opportunities for professional growth and advancement to all employees, regardless of their background. We strive to create a level playing field where merit and skills are the primary criteria for career progression. In fact, you’ll find that Lee and Theresa are very accessible to everyone in the business, supporting everyone on their own personal career journey, through training and personal development. 

In addition, to training and mentoring, Theresa is also a certified Coach who helps people outside of ROD with their lives and careers. As an employee of ROD you get to benefit from free coaching sessions whenever you need them! 

You can see what the ecosystem thinks of them by looking at some comments here and here.


We’re committed to diversity and inclusion. 

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and supports employees from all backgrounds. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce brings together unique perspectives, experiences, and talents, which ultimately drives innovation, creativity, and success.

We encourage an environment where all employees are treated with respect and empathy. This means actively listening to one another, valuing each other’s perspectives, and understanding the challenges and opportunities that individuals from different backgrounds may face.

We also involve employees from various backgrounds in decision-making processes to ensure diverse perspectives are considered, leading to better outcomes for the organisation as a whole.


Shaylina Uddin

Working with us case study: Shaylina Uddin

Joined ROD with 9 years Recruitment experience in London

“ROD has a family culture. We like going out and letting our hair down; we gel as a team.”

Callum Hamill

Working with us case study: Callum Hamill

Joined ROD with a background in B2C and B2C sales experience.

Both Lee and Theresa have advanced knowledge of both business acceleration and getting the best out of people, with Theresa also being a qualified business and personal coach.

Extra Perks

And finally, we encourage all of our team members to take part in fundraising and volunteering, as this helps to promote a sense of well being, but is also great for the community too. Check out some of our recent activities on our ROD Foundation page.

If you are looking to become the next top Salesforce Recruitment Consultant, then email your CV to, along with a covering letter stating why you think you are suited to working in IT recruitment.

Resource On Demand, is committed to Equal Opportunities.