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Continued – Around the world in 8-tech days!

Last time, we looked at Theresa’s top technological picks from around the globe.

Next up we have Lee Durrant, co-founder of ROD. “I love being at the cutting edge of technology, and am constantly blown away by the impact it has on our lives.

Lee’s picks include:

1. “It seems that crowdfunding is finally coming of age. This year we may even see the ability for anybody to buy equity in start-ups through crowdfunding market-places. This means that we should see even bigger steps in technological advancement, as one of the main barriers of getting an idea to market, such as funding, will be overcome.”

2. “I am not naturally gifted when it comes to gadgets. But, I like the thought of wearable, unobtrusive technology, that can make our lives easier or take away monotonous tasks. For example, glasses that might help you navigate to a specific location, means you will never be lost again. Or, a miniature smart device that prompts you with a to-do list, or makes orders on your behalf. Or smart clothing that monitors your health and fitness, or encourages you to be more active.”

3. “This might seem like a strange one, but Hard Drives filled with Helium get a Hard Drivethumbs up from me and is proving to be a bit of a game-changer within data storage technology. These hard drives are filled with Helium instead of air, which means you can cram as much as 6TB of data into a single drive.”

4. “I work with Big Data professionals, so it is easy to see why I picked this one, as their passion for analysing data and using it in inventive ways is extremely contagious. Which actually brings me to the use of mobile phones for collecting Big Data. By tracking transmission records from mobiles, we start to build a picture of human behaviour, such as how we travel nationally and internationally. One such study used this information to analyse the spread of malaria, in a bid to control its spread. But this is only one example. There are approximately six billion mobile phones generating data such as location tracking, search history, social network activity etc, which can be used to explore anything from employment trends, to social tensions, or economic activity.”