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Does Your Managing Mindset Need to Change for the Remote World?

2020 changed everything for technology employers.  

During the last year, companies everywhere had to shift rapidly into a remote-first landscape. Even digital companies already comfortable with things like video conferencing and online messaging had trouble making the transition.  

Now that hybrid work is the way of the future; managers need a way to adapt to this new world. There will be a growing need to update everything from remote coaching strategies to the way managers deliver feedback for many companies 

Lets explore how your managing mindset may need to evolve for the remote world.  


1. The Communication Mindset 

Communication has always been a valuable part of good management.  

Transparent communication strategies ensure everyone on your team gets the information they need to work at their best. The right communication strategy will also help keep your remote employees connected to the wider company culture. 

In a remote environment, team members dont have the same opportunities to communicate and connect with their colleagues as often as they do in the traditional office. Over time, a lack of communication leads to feelings of isolation and disconnection. 

Taking the time to have regular meetings with your staff will ensure they maintain a strong link to your company. You could make weekly video meetings part of your company culture, so employees still have a way to connect face-to-face regularly 

Its also worth ensuring your employees know how to come to you privately if they have any issues to discuss. Are you more likely to respond quickly to a call, an email, or a direct message? 


2. The Coaching Mindset 

The pandemic has created a massive shift in the relationship between employers and their employees. In many ways, teams are coming closer together, thanks to a shared sense of everyone being in the same, complicated situation.  

However, the lack of in-person interactions does make it tougher for staff to receive the training and support they need. As your team members adapt to a new way of work, theyll be more in need of coaching than ever. One H.R executive article notes that coaching exploded in the pandemic, as employees struggled to deal with a home working environment.  

Adapting your coaching mindset to suit the new world means: 

  • Approaching coaching differently: Training your employees isnt just something you do when you need to fill a knowledge gap or solve a problem. Everyone should have access to coaching as a strategy for continued growth. 
  • Supporting everyone: Every member of your team should have access to coaching, regardless of whether theyre working in the office or remotely.  
  • Providing the proper support: Think about your employees’ problemthat are most likely to come with you lately. How can you use your coaching opportunities to support the issues that teams are facing right now? 
  • Adapting to different learning styles: Provide your employees with additional opportunities for training. Online webinars, face-to-face video conferencing sessions, and chat-based mentoring are just some options.  
  • Keep track of success: Keep an eye on how your employees respond to different coaching methods by tracking their engagement, performance, and attitude. 


3. The Feedback Mindset 

Feedback is essential for driving employee success.  

Positive commentary shows your staff what they need to do to thrive in their role. Negative feedback offers a chance for growth and improvement. 

In a traditional face-to-face environment, giving feedback correctly can be a challenging process. When your staff are working remotely, it can be difficult to deliver the right tone when youre advising them on ways to adjust their working style. If messages are sent by direct chat or email, they can get lost in translation.  

Feedback is an emotional thing, whether positive or negative, so it demands a more intimate conversation. Update your strategy for giving feedback by: 

  • Setting time for a meeting: Rather than just sending a brief email, schedule a meeting to discuss the reason for the feedback. This gives your employee a chance to ask questions and get clarity.  
  • Provide examples and insights: When suggesting ways for your employee to improve their work, offer examples and guidance they can follow. The more context you can bring to the idea, the easier it will be to understand.  
  • Use video: Its easier to take something the wrong way when we cant see a persons facial expressions and body language. Use video to bridge the communication gaps 

Dont forget to ensure theres a way for your employees to send feedback in your direction too. The insights you get from your team members can help you to establish more effective remote working strategies from now on 


4. The Goal-Setting Mindset 

Innovating and envisioning the future is important in the technology landscape. Experts say that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation by around seven years, and companies are under more pressure than ever to keep up with new demands and competition.  

Goals in any business are more achievable when everyone can understand them and work towards the same target. As a manager in a remote landscape, it will be your task to ensure that your team members understand the vision you have for the company and the part they have to play in it.  

Creating alignment throughout the entire business will reduce the risks of people making mistakes when determining which tasks to prioritise and which activities will generate the most important results.  

To keep everyone on the same page, consider sending weekly updates or broadcasts to your team. This could be a great way to let everyone know which goals youre working towards right now and the progress youve been making.  

Another option is to gamify the working experience by providing employees with awards and positive feedback based on their results. For instance, if your goal is to increase sales by 20% by the end of the quarter, you might give public recognition to employees that achieve the highest sales numbers at the end of each month. 

Adapting to a Remote Management Mindset 

The workplace has changed on a fundamental level since the pandemic. Todays managers are under more pressure than ever to ensure their staff are still motivated, engaged, and productive wherever they are. The good news is that remote workers can be just as efficient as their counterparts.  

However, like any employee, your technology staff will generate the best results for your company when they have the right leadership to guide them.  

Adapt your mindset to prepare for remote management with the strategies above, and be ready to continue adapting going forward.  





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