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How to Choose the Best Salesforce Recruiter to Accelerate Your Career

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff said recently “the economy is ripping”, and he was referring to not just the economy in general, but the growth in his own company. The price of Salesforce stock has risen faster than the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq – Benioff attributes this to an incredible demand from customers to rebuild their CRM systems. 

As Salesforce continues to grow, it constantly needs talent in the form of assistants, developers, analysts, consultants, all the way up to senior developers and technical leads.  

How does this benefit you, as a Salesforce candidate? 

It means that now is the time to develop your Salesforce career. The platform is growing at an incredible rate, and for many roles, the vacancies are being created faster than there are candidates to fill them. 

At Resource On Demand, we are always on the lookout to work with great candidates, with a view to understanding the UK’s Salesforce talent pipeline for the future of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Today I want to discuss with you why enlisting the help of a Salesforce centric recruiter can enhance your career, if you are looking for a role right now or planning for the future. 


Why Use a Salesforce Recruiter? 

Whether you are looking for your first Salesforce role, or you have worked with the platform for years, working with a Salesforce recruiter will give you the following exclusive benefits that in-house recruiters, or going it alone will not provide. 


Direct Industry Insights 

A Salesforce-specific recruiter will have access to direct industry insights, including information about the Salesforce companies they recruit for, what skills and roles the industry needs, and historic information about the role and the company.  

Your Salesforce recruiting consultant will prep you before your interview with as much information as possible, to increase your chances of securing the role. 


Long-standing Relationships 

Salesforce recruiting partners understand the Salesforce ecosystem, and if you miss out on a role you wanted, they will be aware of future openings – a close working relationship between Salesforce recruiters, their clients, and candidates they work with provides this. 

At Resource On Demand, our company is built on the close industry connections we have formed over many years. Our team often work with candidates who later become clients, because of the relationships that were cultivated in the early stages; and in our experience, this is key to understanding and being able to place candidates in roles that they will excel in. 


Career Advice 

If your relationship with a Salesforce recruiter is based upon your search for a specific role and you are unsuccessful, this will not mark the end of your communications. A good Salesforce recruitment consultant will be able to give you excellent advice for your progression through the Salesforce ecosystem.  

They can offer you opportunities in roles, or companies, you might not have previously considered or are unaware of. You might have been considering a developer role, but the recruiter knows of a company where they need a Salesforce Architect and with your skills and experience, they think you could be the right person for the job 

Now I’ve explained the benefits of working with a Salesforce-specific recruitment consultant, how do you go about choosing the right one to accelerate your career? 


How to Choose a Salesforce Recruiter 

Use the following steps to help you decide on your Salesforce recruiting partner of choice. 


1. Review their website  

Do they have reputable social proof? A good Salesforce recruiter will have evidence that they are experts in their field. Look out for case studies, testimonials, LinkedIn profiles and blogs which demonstrate the influence they have in the sector.  


2. Research the roles they place 

A Salesforce consultant who keeps in touch with you throughout your career will be able to place you in the higher salary roles when the time is right. Make sure your Salesforce recruiter has experience placing a variety of roles, including technically advanced positions, such as Senior Developers and Technical Leads. 


3. Ask about their experience and results 

Your recruitment consultant should be willing to discuss their comprehensive Salesforce knowledge and experience with you. Working exclusively on Salesforce placements, they can give you an indication of how they expect your application to work out, and give you advice and suggestions – this includes interview prep and background information they feel you need to help you prepare 100% for the interview process 


4. Evaluate their process 

Checking that the Salesforce recruiter that you chose to work with has an in-depth candidate process is a must. They should be able to tell you about the details of their operation and what will happen at each step of the way.  

It should put your mind at ease that your recruiter will have placed countless candidates, and be able to talk you through the possible outcomes of your application based on their prior knowledge. You can read about RODs candidate process in more detail here 

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, now really is an exciting and lucrative time to develop your career in Salesforce, and working with an industry-expert recruiter is the best way to do this. 



If this article has resonated with you and you believe that now is the time to start working with a recruiter to accelerate your Salesforce career, get in touch with us today. 

Resource On Demand was Europe’s first-ever dedicated Salesforce recruiter, and we have close industry ties and connections which we can use to help you accelerate your Salesforce career. 


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