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Is Your CV and LinkedIn Profile Standing Out In Your Role Search?

As a Salesforce specialist, you’ll need two crucial resources to improve your chances of getting the ideal role 

The first is the traditional CV, where you can highlight your skills, education, and background in a clean and concise format. You can even enhance your CV with a customised cover letter written specifically for the role you want. 

The second tool you’ll need is essential for the digital age of recruitment, your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is where employers and recruiters will learn more about your professional brand and consider your professional network.  

So, how do you make the most of these two essential tools? 

Mastering your Salesforce CV 



Brevity is crucial for modern C.V.s.  

Currently, recruiters look at C.V.s for an average of 6 seconds, scanning through information rapidly to pinpoint important details about your Salesforce experience and background.  

To get the right reaction from your CV, you’ll need to eliminate all the fluff and focus on getting the most important points across fast.  

Start with a simple, clean, straightforward design with an easy-to-read format. Everything should be organised into clear sections with legible font size.  

It’s also worth considering an ATS-friendly template if you think your recruiter or hiring manager might be using Applicant Tracking System technology.  

Before you start working on your CV, make a list of all the most important data you need to include. You might want to highlight recent Trailhead courses you’ve taken or certifications you’ve achieved in the Salesforce space and recent projects you’ve worked on.  

Introduce Yourself and Your Contact Details 

Although a short introduction isn’t an essential part of your CV, a few sentences to highlight your goals or values could be a great way to get things started. Your CV will also need to immediately introduce your name and contact details (email address, phone number, etc.).  

Highlight Your Work Experience 

Introduce your work experience with a specific focus on roles and tasks relevant to the role you’re applying for. If you’re trying to get a position as a manager working with the Salesforce marketing cloud, highlight previous projects you’ve worked on in the marketing space.  

Remember to detail your job history in reverse chronological order, first focusing on the most up-to-date information. It’s also worth including a few bullet points on things you’ve achieved in each role. 

Introduce Skills and Abilities 

A good skillset is a crucial tool for a good CV. Focusing on the skills most relevant to your intended Salesforce role, list hard and soft capabilities. It can be helpful to tailor this list to any characteristics listed on the job descriptions for the roles you want.  


List Relevant Education and Training 



The education section is an essential part of any CV. You don’t need to go back to your GCSEs in most cases. Instead, focus on your would-be employer’s qualifications in the job description.  

You can also include any specific Salesforce training or courses you’ve completed that might apply to the role.  

Make your CV stand out by adding a cover letter customised to the role in question. Discuss everything your employer might want to know about you and your ambitions in short and direct sentences.  

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile 

Once you’ve mastered your CV, the next step is working on your LinkedIn profile. 

Around 95% of recruitment professionals use LinkedIn to track down valuable information about candidates or build talent pipelines. This environment is specially made for professionals hoping to highlight their skills and abilities in a digital world.  

A good LinkedIn profile will give your professional brand a much-needed boost. When creating your profile, make sure you include: 

  • A headline: You’ll have 220 characters where you can discuss your Salesforce experience and previous roles you’ve held. You can also add your preferred pronouns. 
  • Your photo: A professional photo makes you look more appealing and human to recruiters. Profiles with photographs get up to 14 times more profile views. 
  • Contact details: Add a phone number and email address. 
  • Featured section: Upload Salesforce conference speeches and content to your “Featured” section to demonstrate your thought leadership. 
  • Don’t just copy-paste your introduction from your CV into the “About You” section. You’ll have 2,000 characters to demonstrate what makes you a great Salesforce candidate here. Make the most of your pitch.  
  • Skills: You can list up to 50 skills in your “Skills” section. Ideally, you’ll want to focus specifically on skills relevant to the Salesforce role you’re applying for.  
  • Endorsements: Where possible, ask previous clients and customers you’ve worked with to endorse your work and recommend you to future employers. 

It’s also a good idea to use LinkedIn to share content about your industry experiences and knowledge of the Salesforce space. 

You can publish everything from articles about the latest changes to the Salesforce ecosystem to news reports and even videos of you attending Trailhead events. To expand your network, consider joining Salesforce groups and regularly interacting with the people you find there. 

Make the Most of your Professional Resources 

Once you’ve created the perfect CV and mastered the art of managing your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to reach out to a specialist Salesforce recruitment team.  

Here at ROD, we have been helping Salesforce candidates like you secure your next role for over thirteen years; we were the first Salesforce recruiter in Europe. 



P.S. Want to have a chat? Then drop me an email or call us 📞☎ on 01322 272 532. 


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