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KEEP CALM! Britain reflects on a Brexit vote

BREXIT Recruitment CompanyWhilst it seems a large part of the country is celebrating after last night’s referendum results to leave the EU, there are still a large number of people who are coming to terms with what leaving the EU will mean for the UK.  Undoubtedly it is too soon to say, but the message is clear – don’t panic.  It is going to take approximately 2 years to negotiate an exit from the EU, so we have more than enough time to start planning for the future.

Being Europe’s first Salesforce recruitment company, we are priviledged to work with global end users and consulting companies, who have a strong presence in the UK and across Europe.  So it stands to reason that our candidates are asking what impact leaving the EU might have on the work force.  The message is clear, the UK is not shutting the doors overnight, and for the vast majority of individuals who are British, working for a UK organisation, or looking to move to a UK organisation, everything will remain as it did before.

Of course there is a uncertainty for individuals from other European countries working in the UK, who up until now have enjoyed freedom of movement, and rightly so Salesforce Recruitment Companythey are probably questioning their future of living and working in the UK.  However countries such as Norway, who are not an EU member, comply with some EU rulings in order to negotiate favourable terms or transactions with other EU member states, so it may be likely that very little may change (albeit more of paper chasing exercise) when it comes to workers within Europe looking to settle in the UK.

The overall consensus is, that it is far too soon to know what the mid to long term impact will be on Britain – good or bad – in respect to trading, the economy and immigration. However we can expect a lot of unease as the rest of the world looks towards to Britain, which is obviously going to have a negative effect.  But it is important that we keep calm and not make any sudden knee-jerk reactions.  There is a lot of negotiating between now and when the UK finally exits, and if other EU members also push ahead with their own referendums, the EU may be a very different place in the future!

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