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Monogamy or Polygamy in Recruitment?

There are always going to be pros-and-cons about which is the best option for a business. Do you go down the road of having one Recruiter, or do you open your role up to all Recruiters who come knocking? Potentially opening the floodgates to a deluge of CVs! And whilst, it would be very easy to just weigh in and simply say monogamy is the best way forward.  I think it is only fair to justify why this is.  

Of course it makes sense for larger consulting companies to have a PSL, that hosts a range of agencies covering various niche areas. When overheads and client lists are huge and demanding, itSalesforce Recruitment makes sense to be able to call upon your PSL to fill roles quickly.  The benefit of utilising Salesforce recruitment agencies, such as Resource On Demand, has always been reducing cost and time to hire, and their ability to reach the best candidates in the market.

However, this is very rarely the case if the PSL uses multiple niche agencies for one industry or technology sector as the whole recruitment process can be convoluted by multiple CV submissions, not to mention multiple conversations to recruiters about the role, various recruiters calling for feedback and dealing with queries over candidate ownership. The recruitment agencies themselves probably feel less invested in working against other agencies, so the service becomes rushed and about who can deliver the fastest service, that you don’t end up getting the best candidate for the role, you get the first candidate.

And let’s consider for a moment the impact that multiple agencies working a role will have on a candidate. Time and time again, candidates are put off a client, if there is a long line of recruiters calling them.  For them, it feels like a rush to fill the role, and borders on desperation.  Candidates can often feel intimidated by recruiters into submitting a CV quickly, rather than have the recruiter take time with them to understand their needs and determine if it is the right match.

In order to provide balance on the whole argument of monogamy versus polygamy, let’s look at the real benefit to using multiple agencies. Put simply, the reach across the market sector and a combined pool of talent at your fingertips is attractive. And if you don’t mind having an army of administrators dealing with the issues mentioned above, then absolutely working with multiple Salesforce recruitment agencies can actually have it’s advantages.  But the sad reality is, that the loyalty by an agency can be hugely diminished if they are in a race against other agencies, and as a result their service delivery can suffer.

At Resource On Demand, we take our client partnerships very seriously. We want to take time to understand our client’s culture, their structure and how individuals will fit into the business. By doing so, we can provide a better quality of service to our clients insofar as matching candidates better to not just the role but also the company, and providing a better quality of service to the candidates. As a results, in situations where we have a monogamous relationship, staff retention rates are consistently at around 98%.

Resource On Demand (ROD) is Europe’s first specialist Salesforce Recruitment Agency. They were founded in 2007 and are highly respected across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Their specialist areas of recruitment include; Salesforce (SFDC); digital marketing and marketing automation technologies, which include Eloqua, Marketo, ExactTarget and Pardot; Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies such as Workday and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors. For more information contact ROD on rod@resourceondemand.com or on 020 8123 7769.
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