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Redefining Your Salesforce Hiring Strategy

Hiring the right Salesforce talent is tougher than ever in today’s complex, skills-short market. We’re living through the age of the Great Resignation, where employees are rapidly switching roles in the search for better benefits, support, and empathy from employers.  

At the same time, the way companies search for and recruit talent is evolving. Though the evolving recruitment landscape has some benefits, like finding talent without geographical restrictions, there are many challenges too.  

Your Salesforce superstars have more options in who to work with, and their expectations are greater than ever. Staying ahead of the competition in this space means ensuring you have the right company culture, employee brand, and benefits on offer.  

Here’s how you can redefine your Salesforce hiring strategy for the new recruitment age. 

Step 1: Know What You Need from Salesforce Talent 



The Salesforce ecosystem constantly evolves, with new features and tools for professionals to leverage in the customer care age. To take advantage of Salesforce technology today, you may need a professional with a deeper knowledge of everything from Cloud Technology to A.I.  

Setting goals for your Salesforce strategy and understanding which tools you want to leverage will help you define the kind of talent you need to look for. It can also provide an insight into where you may need to offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities for staff.  

While some candidates may already have a selection of the skills you need, many may need access to trailhead courses and training to expand their knowledge.  

Remember to look beyond technical Salesforce skills too. Your employees in today’s landscape may also need to be familiar with video conferencing and collaboration tools to stay productive in a hybrid world. They may need to understand how to use virtual assistants and troubleshooting tools to address problems when other staff members aren’t available. 

Create a list of key characteristics and skills you need from your staff, and use them to help your recruitment agency find you the best candidates. 

Step 2: Understand Your Candidates Needs 

Just as your requirements for the ideal candidate have begun to change in recent months, your potential employees’ needs are also evolving. Today’s Salesforce professionals want more than just excellent remuneration and benefits.  

Over the last couple of years, employees have begun to reassess what they’re looking for from the best employment opportunities. Priorities now include: 

  • Development: Salesforce stars know they need to constantly learn and evolve to keep up with the latest technology. They’ll be searching for opportunities to expand their skills through regular courses, training, and other forms of development. 
  • Empathy: The best candidates want to work with employers who respect and understand their needs as human beings. A strong focus on wellbeing, work/life balance and satisfaction for your team members will make your business more appealing. 
  • Flexibility: In today’s cloud-first landscape, employees expect more freedom in how and when they work. Concepts like the four-day work week are becoming more popular. Many Salesforce stars are also looking for remote and hybrid work.  

If you’re not certain what things your candidates will be looking for in their ideal role, your specialist recruitment company can give you a behind-the-scenes insight.  

Step 3: Update Your Employer Value Proposition 


Salesforce Hiring Strategy


A strong employee value proposition and employer brand are becoming increasingly crucial to attracting the right candidates in the Salesforce landscape. Now staff members have more options for where they work in a digitally-enhanced world, and they’re less willing to settle for companies that don’t match their specific requirements.  

Your employer brand directly impacts how well you resonate with candidates in search of new roles. It can provide an insight into the culture you prioritise within your business and the steps you take to engage and support your team. 72% of recruitment leaders agree that successful hiring depends on a strong employer brand.  

Promoting what makes your company different, from a strong focus on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), to an excellent wellness programme, can help to make your business more appealing. You can even leverage your team members to share insights into your employer brand by allowing them to share stories on your website and social media pages about the company culture. 

Step 4: Work with a Specialist Recruitment Brand 

The complexity of the current hiring landscape means seeking out and engaging talent without help is extremely difficult. The best way to give yourself an edge over the competition, and ensure you can seek out the right talent, is by leveraging the help of a recruitment partner 

An exclusive recruitment company will work with your business to build a strong talent pipeline. They’ll consistently seek out new professionals for your team and guide you in choosing the right employees for your needs.  

Exclusive recruiters will leverage unique resources, like an existing network, social media contacts, and exceptional skills to bring the right talent to your door. Most importantly, they’ll ensure they’re finding the right fit for your business every time, based on your specific skills and the company culture you’re trying to build.  

Step 5: Improve Interviewing and Onboarding 


Salesforce Hiring Strategy


Finally, it’s important not to overlook the importance of the interviewing and onboarding journey when bringing new Salesforce talent into your team. Skilled professionals could be up to 39% less likely to accept a job offer if the interview experience wasn’t appealing.  

Using the guidance given by your Salesforce recruitment team, design an interview process suitable for your needs. This could include video interviews to connect with potential remote employees and creating competency-based questions to evaluate candidates.  

Don’t forget to consider the onboarding process too. Think about how you’ll communicate with your candidates through every interview step, then transition them into your team when the time is right. How will you ensure staff members are equipped with the right tools and introduce them to the staff members they’ll be working with? 





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