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Salesforce Hiring: A Review of 2021

The Salesforce hiring landscape has evolved drastically over the last year. Demand for talent has risen, prompting significant shortages in available skills 

New Salesforce acquisitions and innovations have led to new learning opportunities for all, with many Salesforce stars reconsidering what they NOW want from their role. 

As we plan for another year, companies interested in finding and onboarding Salesforce talent will need to adapt to new hiring trends and expectations. If you haven’t been keeping a close eye on the market throughout the last year, now is the time to catch up. 

Here’s what you need to know about Salesforce hiring today. 

Talent Shortages Continue to Grow 


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The latest statistics from Salesforce suggest the economy will create around 9.3 million jobs by 2026. Salesforce helps companies automate crucial tasks in the management and transformation of the business landscape while boosting customer experience strategies.  

When countless companies struggle to differentiate and earn brand loyalty, Salesforce offers organisations a crucial edge – but only if you can access the technology correctly.  

Though demand for experience-focused solutions like Salesforce is growing, the number of people with essential Salesforce skills is limited. This shortage also leads to an increase in salary packages as companies strive to attract essential employees to their teams.  

To compete in the skills-short landscape, companies will need to ensure they’re not only offering the right income options, but they’re also providing: 

  • Strategies for employee wellbeing and engagement 
  • Hybrid and remote working opportunities for work/life balance 
  • Training and support to enable employee development 

Working with a Salesforce specialist recruitment agency can help you access a diverse range of candidates from all over the world, improving your chances of finding the talent you need.  

Workplaces are Evolving 

As mentioned above, the workplace is changing rapidly, as remote and hybrid working strategies rise to the forefront in every landscape. Salesforce professionals are well-positioned to work in a flexible environment, as much of their work happens via cloud-based tools 

Preparing for this changing workplace means companies interested in attracting Salesforce hires will need to offer more hybrid and remote work options. They’ll also need to invest in strategies for effectively interviewing and onboarding the right staff. Video interviews will soon become essential for companies hoping to offer the flexibility teams need 

It will also be crucial to ensure you offer a range of tools within your workforce to empower, engage, and enable remote working teams. Aside from ensuring your staff have access to the right Salesforce tools, you may need to think about how you can secure their internet connections with VPNs and improve collaboration through video conferencing applications. 

A comprehensive approach to hybrid and remote working opportunities will make your company more attractive to the candidates growing in the Salesforce space. 

Counter-offers are On the Rise 


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If a skills-short environment wasn’t enough to cause significant problems for companies hiring Salesforce talent, counter-offers are also becoming a significant issue. Even if you find an employee willing to switch their career plan and start working for you, there’s a risk they could decide to take a counter-offer if their existing employer offers one.  

According to information from market leaders like Microsoft, a rising number of employees are considering changing workplaces since the pandemic. However, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to successfully draw your candidate’s attention away from their existing workplace. You’ll still need to ensure you’re offering the kind of experience your potential candidate is looking for. 

Be proactive about bringing your new team members on board as quickly as possible. Try to offer benefits and support your employee can’t get from their existing workplace, and consistently stay in touch to ensure you’re aware of any counter-offers coming their way. 

Disruptive Staff Demand More 

As the talent shortages in the Salesforce landscape continue to rise, candidates with the right skills are aware of the power they hold in the marketplace. The best employees know they have a range of options available when deciding where to work. This means your candidates can be more discerning about who they want to work with.  

When trying to reach Salesforce staff today, think about what your candidates want in today’s changing landscape. One of the most important considerations for many professionals, outside of remote and flexible working, is empathy.  

Your employees are looking for business leaders who understand their needs and respect them. You can demonstrate empathy in a number of ways by investing in employee wellbeing strategies or helping your staff to choose the hours best suited to their schedule for work. Another option is to invest more in your Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion strategy. 

DEI efforts are becoming increasingly essential as staff search for employers who share their values. Committing to diversity will help attract a wider range of potential employees to your team and improve your overall brand reputation.  

Recruiting Salesforce Staff isn’t Easy 

Now more than ever, companies are recognising a growing need for staff members capable of working with disruptive, experience-focused technology. Salesforce is making its way into the foundations of the digital transformation projects for many brands. However, before you can begin reaping the benefits, you need to access the right talent. 

With skills shortages, new expectations, and changing trends to navigate, many companies will struggle to manage their Salesforce recruitment needs alone. The best way to give yourself an edge is to work with a specialist team on your recruitment strategy. Contact Resource on Demand to start planning your recruitment campaign for 2022.  



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