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Salesforce Recruiting: Is it Time to Redesign Your Recruitment Process to Get Better Results?

Are you equipped to recruit the right Salesforce talent for your team?  

Successfully finding and hiring the right people has always been challenging, particularly in the tech environment.  

Following the pandemic, recruitment is now more complicated than ever. Companies are dealing with more discerning candidates, changing demands around benefits, an updated hiring process and video interviewing.  

What’s more, as demand for Salesforce expertise continues to grow, you’re competing to find your talent in a sea of other employers.  

It’s time to redesign your recruitment process for a new age of hiring.  

So, where do you start? 


1. Widen the Recruitment Pool  



The global pandemic has changed a lot of the facets of how we work and live. This includes making massive changes to the recruitment processes of many teams. Business leaders are now struggling to hire strategically while making complex arrangements for which employees should be in the office and operate remotely. 

While this changing employment environment may be confusing, it also has unique benefits to offer. A world that allows Salesforce professionals to work remotely using the cloud also permits employers to access talent anywhere. You don’t necessarily need to find the ultimate Salesforce analysts in the same town, city, or even country as you.  

A wider hiring pool demands a wider recruitment strategy. Rather than just posting job listings in local directories, make sure that you’re creating your opportunities on social media too. Working with a professional recruitment team can help you to connect with talent through these channels. Around 94% of professional recruitment teams use social media for talent acquisition.  


2. Strengthen Company Reputation 

One of the biggest changes in the recruitment space lately is what employees now expect from their employers. In the last couple of years, team members have struggled with uncertainty, isolation, and countless other challenges in their day-to-day roles. The most talented Salesforce professionals will now be looking for a more stable, supportive, and empathetic employer to work with long-term.  

Work with your recruitment agency on an employer brand capable of capturing the attention of the right Salesforce staff. This could mean posting content on your website about how you supported your team members during the pandemic and ensured your most valuable employees kept their jobs. It could also mean implementing new strategies to preserve employee wellbeing, like mental health days and a culture built around transparency and community.  

Highlight your existing employees and show how you’ve helped them grow to prove to new candidates that you’re going to empower them in their new role.  


3. Establish Clear Paths for Development 



Following furloughing schemes, lost employment, and uncertain business operations, the best Salesforce talent need stability. They want to see a future with your company, which includes plenty of development and growth opportunities.  

During the pandemic, many employees have already started working on their development with online courses and educational opportunities. You can build on this positive trend by encouraging and supporting your team members in their self-set learning paths.  

It’s also worth talking to your employees about how you can deliver training and tools to help them grow in the future. Perhaps you could allow them to take some time out to visit a Trailblazer event as they work on their new Salesforce qualifications? 

Let your Salesforce candidates know why you’re investing in Salesforce and how you will increase your use of the software in the years to come so that they can see strong demand for their role. This will help your staff to feel more indispensable. 


4. Update Your Job Descriptions 

Job descriptions will continue to be a staple of successful hiring, even in the age of the post-pandemic workforce. However, the way you attract your new employees is likely to change. For instance, Gartner recommends that companies stop looking at the previous person in a role for an insight into what the new job listing should look like. 

As Salesforce’s hiring environment continues to change, companies need to start with a blank piece of paper and plot out the emerging needs of their company and what kind of skills will be necessary from now on.  

Look at the current Salesforce tools that might deliver the best results for you in the current climate. Ensure your job listing doesn’t include any terms that may make it seem like the role is only available to local people when highlighting what kind of hiring experience your employee will get. Are you going to offer them a hybrid role so they can switch between in-office and remote work when they need to? 

A recruitment professional will help you save time and money when writing the most appealing job descriptions for Salesforce staff searching for new kinds of employment.  


5. Be Prepared for New Interviewing Experiences 



When it’s time to speak to potential candidates and assess their abilities in a direct conversation, it’s also important to be ready for a world where face-to-face conversations will usually happen via video call. Video interviewing has increased drastically in the last year, but companies are still getting used to the shift, with many hiring managers struggling with the technology. 

If your newly updated Salesforce talent recruitment strategy involves video interviewing, make sure you follow these tips: 

  • Learn how to use the technology: Learn how to comfortably use the software, video camera, microphone, and anything else you’re going to need before you begin the interview.  
  • Remember time zones: Make sure that you keep the time zone of the person you want to communicate with in mind.  
  • Presentation is key: Show respect to your candidates and highlight the professionalism of your brand by making sure you look as professional on video as you would in person.  

You can even record interviews with your candidate’s permission so that you can go over the questions again at a later date.  

Update Your Recruitment Strategy 

As the various parts of recruitment continue to change following the pandemic, one thing remains the same: companies will always need valuable Salesforce talent. Upgrading your recruitment strategy is how you make sure you’re ready to reach the right candidates.  




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