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Self-Evolving Software

Self Evolving SoftwareWe love introducing new apps and none more so than Self Evolving Software (SES).

This is the first automated programming tool that helps developers to speed up their development time, by taking away the heavy lifting of writing code.

Designed by developers for developers, this app was created to complement your current development resources. SES works by allowing developers to match IT project requirements written in English, with functions written in code. They can then write new functions using existing functions, without physically having to write out the code themselves.

Key benefits include;

  • Shorter development lifecycles by up to 50%
  • Access to over 2 million characters of code
  • Access to new code in just one mouse click, which can easily be imported to your own project
  • The opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the pool of code, and prewritten IT project requirements through crowdsourcing

This nifty app comes in with a modest price tag of just $6 per month, and can be installed direct from the AppExchange here:




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