//Tech Talent Still Need an Induction Plan

Tech Talent Still Need an Induction Plan

Some of the biggest technology companies in the world, including Microsoft, Google, Apple and more all include the same crucial step in their recruitment process: a thorough induction plan.  

An induction plan is one of the most crucial things your organisation can focus on after you’ve welcomed someone new onto your team. It’s the best way to introduce your people to your organisation and let them know what you expect from them as an employee.  

Here’s what you need to know about induction plans.


The Benefits of an Induction Process 



Nobody likes being the “new person” in a business.  

The best way to support your employees and stop them from feeling overwhelmed by nerves when they’re joining your team is to work with them through a structured induction process.  

For an employer, an induction plan gives you the chance to clear away any confusion with your new staff member. You can let your person know what their targets are for their first few weeks on the job, provide them with an insight into your company culture and answer any questions they may have. An induction plan can also attract new talent to your team by improving your employer brand 

For an employee, an induction plan: 

  • Makes them feel welcome and more comfortable in a new team.  Keeps them focused by showing them how their work will be evaluated.  
  • Gives them clarity on their role and your expectations. 

So, how can you develop an effective induction plan?


Start from Day One with a Structured Strategy 

Structure is one of the best things that you can give a new employee when they’re starting an unfamiliar role. Your employee won’t be familiar with the way your business works. As a leader, it’s up to you to make it as easy as possible for them to find their place in your company culture.  

Decide who your new team member will be working with before their first day, and which tasks they’ll be responsible for in the first few weeks. This way, you can create a list of all the things they’re going to need to thrive, like software passwords, a computer, access to specific hardware and so on.  

When your new person arrives on their first day, make them feel welcome! Greet them at the door and take them to their desk, which will already be set up with the right tech. Make sure that you show them the way to any essential places in the office too, such as the break room and bathroom. 


Cover the Basics 



As you’re taking your new employee on a tour of your building, you’ll have a great opportunity to discuss the basics with them. Provide them with any paperwork they need to complete for security reasons and answer any questions they might have about things like work hours, pay periods and dress codes.  

Make your employee feel at ease by speaking to them in a positive tone, but remember to cover some golden rules too, such as the acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in your workplace. As a technology company, you’re sure to have some rules about data and file sharing that need to be addressed.  

If necessary, you can also take this time to go over some critical points in your new person’s job description too.  


Be Accessible and Encourage Communication 

The easiest way to reduce turnover in your technology business is to make your new employees feel like part of your community as quickly as possible. Remind them of the vision that your company has and let them know exactly what role they play in helping you to achieve your goal.  

Remember to keep the lines of communication open during this initial induction period; new starters are likely to have a lot of questions about how to perform their role best and fit into the culture of the team. Encourage questions whenever you can, and make sure you schedule regular one-on-one meetings so you can discuss your new team member’s progress.  

If you’re not always available to answer questions, consider setting your new staff member up with a mentor who can guide them instead.


Encourage New Relationships 

Often, the key to a new recruit’s success is how well they integrate into a team. Provide an overview of how your business works during the induction process, along with an insight into the attributes you value most in your company culture. Additionally, make sure that your team member has plenty of opportunities to bond with their co-workers. 

The managers at Perkbox ask their new starters to push a beer trolley around the office on a Friday night, handing out beverages to other people. They feel this is an excellent way for new staff members to break the ice with people they don’t know. 


Keep up the Momentum with Training and Development



As you welcome your new staff member to your team, remember to set aside some time so you can discuss their ambitions with them, and what you can do to help them achieve their career goals. By showing your people that you’re invested in their development, you simultaneously improve your employer brand and reduce your risk of turnover.  

People who know that they’re going to get the support they need to thrive from their employer are more likely to stick around during the complicated induction period. Once the first few weeks are over, and your new starter has settled into their role, don’t forget about the goals you set together. 

Make sure that you frequently check in with your employee and see how their development plan is progressing. If your team member needs to build some new skills to feel confident in their role, provide them with some out-of-hours training, or give them a mentor.


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