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What Are Salesforce Employers and Consultancies Looking for This Year?

Many former and current Salesforce employees will tell you that Salesforce is one of the best companies on the planet to work for. 

And don’t just take their word for it; the Salesforce name regularly tops ‘best places to work’ lists and earlier on this year, it made the no.1 spot on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. 

Naturally, every hungry developer, cloud consultant, and anyone with a penchant for data or software will want the Salesforce name on their CV. 

So how can a great candidate like yourself land a role in the UK Salesforce ecosystem?  

In this article, we will delve into what Salesforce employers are looking for this year, based on our exclusive insider information, as the first-ever dedicated Salesforce recruiter in Europe. So, let’s start with… 



Salesforce says that thinking differently is ‘in their DNA’. They are arguably one of the most innovative software companies in the last 20 years. From being the first-ever SaaS company in 1999, launching their third-party programming software Apex in 2006, to their most recent innovation – their AI product known as ‘Einstein’, Salesforce has been at the forefront of CRM software from their very beginnings. 

Co-founder Parker Harris says that the company has been successful by keeping innovation at the centre of everything the company does. They are continually evolving and challenging the nature of CRM, and this is why Salesforce employees say it’s such an exciting place to work. 

If you are looking for your first job with Salesforce, make sure you highlight your innovative skills to your potential employer, both on your CV and initial meeting with a Salesforce recruiter, and in your interview.   


Technical Skills 

The Salesforce family contains a variety of different roles, from administrators and analysts to developers and technical architects. 

However, the latest data shows what Salesforce employers are struggling with this year is to fill the significant number of technical vacancies they have.  

recent report found that demand for developer roles in Salesforce was being outstripped by supply by 4:1. This number increases to 10:1 for more technical roles such as data architect 

Salesforce themselves reported that demand for technical architect roles has grown by over 40% in the last four years. 

If you have experience with big data or other CRM tools, Salesforce is looking for you.  


Transferable Skills 

So, what do you do if you want a job with Salesforce, but you haven’t got any Salesforce experience?  

Don’t worry, the next best thing you can possess are transferable skills. 

The 10k report also found that the most in-demand role within Salesforce – technical architects – make up less than 2% of Salesforce-related profiles on LinkedIn. 

What does this mean for you as a potential employee? It means the positions they need to fill far outstrip the actual number of people who are qualified for the role. 

This is good news, as it means there is an opportunity for you to bring your skills to the table.  

For anyone looking to sharpen their Salesforce skills to impress a Salesforce employer, there are a couple of ways to do this. 

Their online learning platform, Trailhead, is an excellent way for any developer to begin their Salesforce journey. You can start learning for free and work your way to earn ‘badges’ in Salesforce proficiencies such as cloud administrationSalesforce billingplatform app building and developing.  

Trailhead uses a mixture of online and in-person workshops, which means you get to meet likeminded Salesforce enthusiasts, and more importantly – the chance to network. 

Additionally, there are many franchised Salesforce training centres across the UK where you can learn critical Salesforce skills and meet likeminded individuals. In the Salesforce ecosystem, networking is essential, and so attending these training courses is a great way to meet influential Salesforce members. 

IT staffing expert Alexandra Neuenfeldt says of the Salesforce ecosystem“No matter what your background — technical, marketing, sales, administrative – we feel these are precious skills that pay well and have a good future outlook and we don’t think the demand is going away.” 

Employers are looking for more than just someone with the right set of skills; Salesforce employers are on the lookout for candidates who fit in with their entire ethos, which bring us on to the Salesforce philosophy of Ohana. 



If you’re on your way to applying for your first Salesforce role and have the technical or transferable skills outlined above, there is something else you need to know about to sail through your Salesforce interview – Ohana. 

Ohana is the ethos that runs through the Salesforce family, and many of its workers attribute the company’s success to it. 

Based around an idea that resonated with CEO Marc Benioff during a trip to Hawaii in the late ’90s, Ohana is the Hawaiian idea of an extended family. The Salesforce website states, ‘Ohana represents the idea that families — blood-related, adopted, or intentional — are bound together, and that family members are responsible for one another’. 

The company describes it as a deep-seated support system, which encompasses every member of staff, customers, partners and everyone in the Salesforce community. 

Ohana means that everyone under the Salesforce umbrella looks out for each other, takes care of each other and ‘work to leave the world a better place’. 



Salesforce jobs have seemed evergreen in the last few years and, as this article has highlighted, the number of Salesforce job opportunities is only set to rise 

Salesforce employers are always on the lookout for all types of roles, so if you have a history in sales, administration, project managing, software testing and developing, CRM or big data (plus many more) you have a great opportunity to break into this exciting and opportunity-filled sector. 

At Resource On Demand, we are leading experts in Salesforce recruiting, and we have an extensive network of Salesforce connections which can help you on your journey to a top Salesforce role. If you are interested in climbing the Salesforce ladder, get in touch with us today. 


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