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What company type is best for you…? (part 3)

Over the last few of blogs we have been looking at various types of companies that you can work for. This week we look at what a consulting company is and what you can expect if you work for one.

A consulting company is a business that offers specialised expertise to its clients, by building end-to-end solutions to meet the needs and functions of the business. Not only will you be working and delivering to multiple projects, but you will also be expected to source your own clients.

To succeed as a consultant, you will need to be a self-starter and comfortable working on your own.

Other skills that are good for working in a consultancy are being able to manage project delivery teams, excellent problem solving and key decision making skills, and highly customer facing with a certain level of diplomacy. After all you may have to tell your client, things they don’t want to hear.

See below, for some of the most common pros and cons to working in a consulting company:

Consulting company

So in conclusion, what is the difference between working at a consultancy and working at an end user?

Within a consultancy you will be responsible for building the system and ensuring a smooth transition from the current systems, to the newly developed one. Whereas in an End User you will be building on the newly installed system to ensure it meets with your companies business needs and objectives, and promoting user adoption across the whole organisation.

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