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What company type is best for you…?

There are many different types of companies – consultancies, end users, ISV’s and non-profits, but which one is best for you?

Over the next few blogs we will be looking at the differences between company types; along with the pros and the con, to find which one is best for you.

So what is an end user?

An End User is the individual or company who uses a product, after it has been fully developed. For example, you may purchase an apps from the AppExchange, but the ability to manipulate a product once it has been installed can be limited.

So what are the pros and cons of working at an End User?

Well that very much depends on what part of the company you work in. If you work within development at an end-user, then the advantages could consist of the following:

  • May help reduce the hidden build-up
  • Faster design / implementation cycle
  • Easier for users to use and understand
  • Reduces communication problems between users
  • Encourages innovation and creative solutions

Like everything in life though the good comes with the bad, and you might very well see the following disadvantages:

  • Duplication or effort and waste of resources
  • More expensive to produce
  • Loss of control over data
  • Loss of control of quality in both programs and data
  • Generally produces constricted inflexible systems with short lives

Working for an End User as a whole though, has both its advantages and disadvantages (as stated below):

End User

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Next time, working at an ISV.