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What Makes a Great Salesforce Consultant in Our Post-Covid World?

Exciting time lies ahead for Salesforce employees across the board 

From Developers to Salesforce Technical Leads, the need to connect the digital to the physical in our Covid-afflicted world has never been greater. 

In a recent report, Deloitte Digital, together with Salesforce, have looked at how to help clients navigate uncertainties and how to build trust in our post-Covid world. 

The report focused on a few key areas which are likely to be impacted, with some of the world’s top scenario planners involved in predicting these outcomes. 

The consensus is that our changed world will require new skills – with Salesforce and CRM systems being at the heart of these digital adaptions. 

Today, we look at what skills Salesforce Consultants will need in order to thrive in our post-Covid world. 


Conscious Customer Focus 

One way the pandemic has changed the world is that there is a feeling everywhere you look that people are more conscious of appreciating the ‘little things’. 

As a Salesforce Consultant, it is essential that you are not only focused on making things work behind the scenes but that you are in tune with the general mood in your marketplace and sector. 

Excellent product development and delivery needs also to match your audience’s expectations.  

Safety and security, trust and dependability are huge themes to have come out of the pandemic, and Salesforce Consultants must ensure that they understand their customer’s needs and mindset, and nurturing them rather than alienating them.  


Salesforce, Anywhere 

Remote working has also been one of the success stories of 2020, with adaptability an essential trait for any Salesforce Consultant as we emerge into the future of work. 

No matter what area of Salesforce you work in, the ability to flex is key, but thankfully this has never been easier. 

Being able to deliver for clients and customers in ways that none of us thought possible needs to be something you are capable of, and you can do this by fully submerging yourself in the latest Salesforce tools. 

Salesforce Anywhere is a new app which is representative of the way Salesforce roles are evolving, with the emerging need for 360-degree customer management and increased collaborative capabilities 

Bret Taylor, President and COO Salesforce said of the new Salesforce Anywhere app: 

“The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that companies must be able to sell, service, market and collaborate from anywhere, and that won’t change in a post-pandemic world. With Salesforce Anywhere we’re empowering customers of every size, location and industry to digitally transform with confidence in this all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.” 

Along with Salesforce Anywhere, there are several new ways that Salesforce Consultants can deliver outstanding results in our newly remote world.  

Championing these new apps and ways of working, including Salesforce Customer 360, Service Cloud Voice and Einstein Call Coaching is something, as a Salesforce Consultant, you need to incorporate into your role for our new post-Covid world. 


Resilience and Reskilling  

As the world has been affected by the pandemic, so too have many people’s roles and the companies they work for. 

It is an unfortunate fact of the pandemic that some sectors have lost business, whereas others are enjoying unprecedented success. 

To help Consultants in affected sectors, Salesforce has released a Covid-19 Response Playbook with help and information on how different sectors can approach their rebuilding and restructuring after Covid.  

As different sectors and different departments within these sectors are all reacting and recovering differently, resilience is still very much a needed trait to employ in everything you do. The Covid-19 recovery is going to be a long process; Salesforce Consultants need to employ patience, to dig deep and keep delivering for their customers in the way they have during the most challenging part of the pandemic, which is now over.  

The pandemic has been a time for many people to press reset on their careers; it has provided the perfect opportunity for reflection.  

As I mentioned earlier, the Salesforce training ecosystem is one of the best in the world. If you are facing the reality that you are going to need a new role in the near future, don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities for you. 

Trailhead now has more certifications than ever; there are many opportunities to retrain into the sectors which are booming post-Covid.  

But if it’s a new role that you’re looking for, working with a dedicated Salesforce recruiter is still the no. 1 way to boost your career potential.   


Getting the Most Out of Your Salesforce Consultant Career 

Has your current Salesforce role been affected by Covid-19? Many have, and this has created significant shifts within the ecosystem. 

We’re helping Salesforce candidates right now find new roles in our post-Covid world; if you need our help to find your next role, get in touch with us today. 

Call us on 01322 272 532, or send us an email here with your Salesforce career query and we will be in touch. 





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