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What Makes a Great Salesforce Technical Lead?

As demands for better customer experience solutions continue to grow, the need for Salesforce talent is on the rise. Salesforce is the number one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool in the world, and knowledge of Salesforce is beginning to appear as a crucial component of many tech roles.  

As specialists in Salesforce recruitment, the team at ROD understands how skills with the right software can make or break a company’s digital transformation strategy. We’ve helped to place countless Salesforce managers and technical leads in pivotal roles over the years.  

A Salesforce Technical Lead is a well-rounded senior developer with a deep knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem. These professionals understand how to use CRM technology to transform a business, accomplishing specific goals, and achieving critical outcomes. Could this be the position that you’ve been looking for?  

Here are some of the critical characteristics of an excellent Salesforce Technical Lead. 


1. In-Depth Salesforce Expertise

Any dedicated Salesforce employee needs to understand the software that defines their trade. There are many different certifications and learning pathways that can help developers refine their skills. A Technical Lead specifically needs to know how to design and implement web-based interfaces and APIs using Apex code, web services, and more.  

You will need to have a complete knowledge of all the Salesforce Declarative Programming and Administration capabilities, including Apex, custom objects, visual force pages, reports, and workflow rules. Their in-depth insight into Salesforce will allow them to serve as the subject matter expert for a CRM solution architecture that includes the configuration, customisation, and development of complex environments. Just some of the skills a Salesforce Technical Lead will need include: 

  • The ability to understand and use Salesforce declarative programming and administration features.  
  • Talent in designing, coding, testing, implementing, debugging, and supporting Salesforce.com integrations and applications. 
  • Knowledge in designing and implementing interfaces and APIs utilising web services and Apex code.  


2. Inspiring Leadership Skills 

A Salesforce Technical Lead knows their way around the technical side of Salesforce implementations, but they also know how to interact with others to drive teams towards business goals. As subject matter experts, Technical Leads need to be comfortable answering the questions that other team members have about Salesforce configuration. You also need the leadership talents required to motivate and inspire others.  

As a technical lead, you need to be comfortable leading a team of highly knowledgeable configuration specialists and developers through the process of creating technically enriched solutions in Salesforce. You‘ll be responsible for checking and reviewing the code written by other developers and resolving any coding issues that might appear in your Salesforce configuration.  

As team leaders, a Technical Lead will also know when to suggest alternative solutions to problems. For instance, they might be able to help solve problems by implementing third-party APIs or, working with the group to create a more customised iteration of the Salesforce experience.  


3. Excellent Communication 

Communication is often a crucial skill for anyone in a leadership role. As the head of a Salesforce configuration, development and integration team, you will need to interact with product managers, project managers, administrators and other developers to create more cohesive strategies for your tech stack.  

Expertise in communication will help a Salesforce Technical Lead to discuss the demands of a project with people from across team. In this role, you will need to be able to translate complicated ideas into language that everyone in their group can understand. They’ll also be able to explain why specific design and implementation strategies might be necessary to improve the outcomes of the project.  

A great Salesforce Tech Lead will also know how to communicate with other business leaders, to present the ongoing results of the Salesforce implementation, and help shareholders understand the benefits of the platform.  


4. Great Team Player

People in leadership positions need to know not just how to motivate and drive a team, but also how to act as part of that group. In this role, you’ll need to enjoy working in an agile environment with other coworkers. You must be able to offer assistance to the people in your group and reach out to others for help creating the best Salesforce implementation when necessary.  

Salesforce Technical Leads can work alongside clients and people from other disciplines to deliver top-tier Salesforce solutions from design and configuration to testing and integration. When collaborating with others, Technical Leads can take on the role of architect, value quality tester, and innovator.  

What’s more, these people know that the complex coding environment of Salesforce sometimes means that they’ll need to be patient, supportive, and understanding when helping others to implement new strategies.  


5. Commitment to Constant Growth

Leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem must always be committed to ongoing growth and development. The Salesforce environment is continually evolving with the arrival of new best-practice processes and technology. This means that the best Salesforce Technical Lead will always be willing to invest in new trailhead courses and certification programs to improve their skills.  

Often, Technical Leads will need to develop software solutions that combine both Salesforce internal technology with APIs and third-party tools. This means that they need to understand how to use the Salesforce ecosystem and surrounding software to deliver the best solutions to problems for their teams.  

Look for a candidate that’s ready to commit to consistent learning, as well as someone who has a genuine passion for their Salesforce career. A Technical Lead that has a strong understanding of the Salesforce concept of Ohana or someone who frequently visits community and networking events will often be a good choice.  


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