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What Makes a Great SuccessFactors Technical Consultant?

Consultants help companies to solve complicated issues and improve growth.

Since SAP embraced the SuccessFactors modules as their solution for Talent Management, HR, and HCM analytics, the demand for a SuccessFactors technical consultant has been growing. With these people to guide them, businesses can transform their talent management strategy through four pillars:

  • Recruitment
  • Learning and development
  • Compensation
  • Performance management

There are even suites in the SuccessFactors software for time and attendance tracking. With a SuccessFactors Technical Consultant, business leaders can improve the productivity and efficiency of their teams.

The question is, how do you make sure that you’re the right candidate?

As specialists in technology recruitment, ROD knows what sets great SuccessFactors Technical consultants apart from the also-rans. Here are the key characteristics we prioritise from our years of experience working with our clients and easily placeable candidates.

1. Expert Knowledge


SuccessFactors Technical Consultant


Organisations rely on consultants to deliver expertise and insider knowledge in their field. For SuccessFactors Technical consultants, this means that you must understand the nuances of a Human Capital Management, and Talent Management tool.

Best-known for its talent management suite, SuccessFactors is a leader in the HCM segment, with a user base that’s been growing steadily over the years. A consultant must be up-to-date with the latest iterations of the software, and what it can do for your business. A great consultant can:

  • Analyse a company and determine which SuccessFactors strategy will deliver the best results.
  • Create and deliver presentations or demonstrations highlighting the potential impact of SuccessFactors tools
  • Provide best-practice guidance to teams to guide your business processes and integration strategy.
  • Configure SuccessFactors application to adhere to the organisation’s needs.


2. Problem Solving Skills

SuccessFactors is a tool intended to solve common problems with compensation, workforce planning, and people analytics. The best SuccessFactors technical consultant will combine their knowledge of the SAP program, with an in-depth analysis of your organisation. They’ll gather data and research from inside a business to understand which parts of an HR strategy need to change.

SuccessFactors consultants aren’t only IT experts; they’re also high-quality analysts. They can examine an organisation with a big-picture perspective and put step-by-step plans in place to drive success. For instance, if a company has been having trouble tracking career burnout, a consultant will show them how to use SuccessFactors to measure attendance and employee sick days.

A consultant will also know how to overcome any hurdles along the way to a successful deployment. They can perform system analytics, address integration issues, and offer advice to teams too.


3. Team Players


SuccessFactors Technical Consultant


SuccessFactors technical consultants must work cohesively with the rest of a team. They’ll need to communicate and collaborate with HR staff and other stakeholders to ensure the design of the system meets the company’s needs, and users have a positive experience of the software. During the implementation of SuccessFactors, a consultant will also need to offer leadership and guidance, so that people feel confident and supported.

Like any leading consultant, a SuccessFactors specialist will be an expert in keeping their eye on the prize. They’ll know how to build on the strengths of others and ask for assistance when necessary. They’re unselfish and committed team players, who can bring in additional technical resources and consultants when needed.

These employees will also know how to work hand-in-hand with project management leaders, to help them embrace new technology.


4. Flexibility and a Commitment to Learning

SuccessFactors consultants can master and maintain their knowledge of the product suite that they’re using. As the technology world continues to evolve, HCM solutions grow more essential, so it’s essential for a consultant to be able to roll with the punches. Change can happen at any time in an implementation program. A business may decide that it needs to use the Employee Central software differently or add an extra level of analytics.

SuccessFactors technical consultants can adapt quickly to changes. They also know how to keep track of what’s going on in the SAP ecosystem. They’re always the first to enrol in new training opportunities and classes so that they can keep their knowledge up to date. This commitment to constant learning ensures that a consultant can handle any project.


5. Client Oriented Listening


SuccessFactors Technical Consultant


SuccessFactors technical consultants aren’t just people who visit multiple businesses and implement the same strategies everywhere they go. These individuals are experts in requirement gathering strategies. They get to know what their clients need by asking in-depth questions and integrating themselves with their internal team.

As each implementation of an HCM solution like SuccessFactors is different, consultants need to be fantastic listeners. They must consider and understand their client’s wants and needs and be able to ask questions when necessary. Leading consultants are also happy to receive regular feedback to ensure that they’re moving their client forward and in the right direction.

A consultant will also listen to outside market trends, and let clients know if there are any changes in the industry that they need to be aware of.


6. Excellent Communication

Finally, as well as listening to clients, SuccessFactors technical consultants also need to be able to liaise with multiple people and keep everyone informed of progress. They maintain the highest level of professional courtesy when dealing with everyone in an organisation. They also know how to use their presentation and communication skills to influence senior leaders and project sponsors.

Most importantly, when presenting their ideas and offering insights to individuals throughout a team, consultants can adapt their language. Their amazing oral and written communication skills means that they can explain complicated topics in a simple and straightforward way. Real experts can curate and simplify information for any team.

Whether they’re discussing product capabilities, best practices or, system features, they keep things clear and concise.


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