//What Makes an Outstanding Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant?

What Makes an Outstanding Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant?

In today’s digital, customer-centric world, business leaders gather vast amounts of data each day. Every interaction with a client, transaction, or employee action leads to valuable insights into how your company operates and thrives.  

Business intelligence provides an opportunity to reduce “information overload,” and potentially optimise your team’s performance. However, it takes a particular set of skills to translate raw data into information that your organisation can use.  

Microsoft Business Intelligence is one of the leading tools on the market today, according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. A Microsoft Business Intelligence consultant uses the tools provided by Microsoft to organise, assess and decipher data. The question is, how do you choose your next Microsoft BI consultant? That’s where Resource on Demand can help.  

Start by looking for these things in your candidates.


1. Confidence with MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence)



The best data insights begin with the right tools.  

Microsoft Business Intelligence is a suite of useful solutions for data mining and analytics. The ideal consultant will know how to use each of the tools available to them, from visual studio for creating graphs and charts, to SQL server. 

MSBI is made up of 3 categories:  

  • SSI: SQL server integration services – used for server integration and building 
  • SSAS: SQL server analytical services – used to analyse the performance of SQL servers  
  • SSRS: SQL server reporting services – used to generate immersive information reports 

The more an MSBI consultant knows about the Microsoft stack, the easier it will be to pull valuable information from the raw data. In a competency-based interview, consider asking a client to walk you through their process for a specific MSBI action. For instance: “How would you create a report for our stakeholders?”


2. Knowledge of Technology Outside of MSBI

Achieving excellent results from business intelligence often involves looking at issues from a variety of angles. When building your tech talent pipeline, it helps to look beyond focused MSBI skills. Search for consultants who also know how to use additional technology such as: 

  • Microsoft “PaaS” (Platform as a service) offerings, and the Azure stack  
  • Other cloud provider platforms like Google and Amazon  
  • Visualisation and data exploration tools like Python, or Tableau  
  • Development tools and strategies such as DevOps and Agile 

Familiarity with other tools improves the reports that a business intelligence consultant can provide to team leaders and stakeholders. It also means that your employee can adapt to the needs of any current challenge facing your organisation. List any useful analytical or big data tools that your scientists and analysts currently rely on. These will form the basis of a candidate’s “nice to have” technical skills.


3. Excellent Teamwork and Communication Skills



A Microsoft business intelligence consultant needs to share their insights with other team members and develop plans for essential changes in the business. To perform well, your staff member will need to feel comfortable interacting with a wide range of employees.  

Often, MSBI consultants spend a lot of time interacting with cloud experts. For instance, they might discuss their findings with data scientists and analysts. They’ll also create reports and presentations for stakeholders that highlight the need for critical company strategies.  

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must-have. What’s more, these candidates also need to know how to convert complicated analytical information into language the whole team can understand. 


4. Adaptability 

Microsoft BI consultants often showcase several broad skills in their day-to-day work. These team members build and deliver data warehouse workloads across cloud platforms. They use their knowledge of the Microsoft platform to transform experiences for end-clients. Microsoft Business Intelligence consultants even respond to individual client needs.  

Because the demands placed on an MSBI consultant can change from one week to the next, these people need to be highly agile and adaptable. Look for someone who can pivot and adjust to the needs of the task with very little preparation.  

Additionally, to remain adaptable and effective, Microsoft BI consultants may need to update their skills and education frequently. As new Microsoft certifications are released, and business intelligence training becomes available, they’ll be the first to volunteer. 


5. Consulting Skills



Consultants are professionals that share their knowledge and expertise with clients and other team members. Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultants need to feel comfortable displaying their insights in a variety of ways. To ensure that they’re the thought leaders in the area of business intelligence, Microsoft BI consultants regularly practice and develop their skills. 

Many consultants spend a lot of their spare time following thought leaders online, reading articles, and attending conferences. Skilled consultants also know how to develop strong relationships with teams and client stakeholders.  

When conducting interviews, look for a candidate that presents themselves as an expert in big data and intelligence. Additionally, make sure that the person you choose also knows how to demonstrate their skills in a way that would make your team and clients feel confident. 

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