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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Assess Your Salesforce Career

With the official easing of the lockdown measures, many Salesforce employees whose careers were put on hold are starting to think about the future again. 

Despite Salesforce and other tech sectors being some of the least affected industries, it is natural for such a significant event to create unease when it comes to job security. A recent report found that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 48% of employees have worried about losing their job, with a further 41% considering a career change.  

However, now is the perfect time for employees with Salesforce experience to think about the future of their careers. There is currently a wide range of opportunities within Salesforce, and taking action now could be beneficial for your career in the long run.  

First, let’s look at how jobs in the tech sector have remained secure even in these recent unprecedented times. 


CRM Job Security 



Salesforce and CRM remain one of the most secure career options despite current fears over the economy.  

As I mentioned earlier, some employees are fearful for the future of their careers. But the truth is that Salesforce and CRM will be more in demand than ever as we move forward. This recent report found growth in tech roles in many US cities; the pandemic has not damaged, but altered career prospects in this respect in regards to tech jobs. 

How the coronavirus has changed the tech sector, however, is in the way remote working is regarded. Salesforce has always been renowned for being flexible to its employee’s needs, and it has continued this trend recently.  

As a Salesforce employee who can work from home, you are an asset to both Salesforce and client-side companies when it comes to recruiting, as organisations will strive to hire more remote employees in the future. 

Next, let’s look at Salesforce’s continued growth throughout COVID-19, and what this means for your career.  


Salesforce Growth 



Year on year, Salesforce has continued to grow, and not even a global pandemic has been able to slow it down. 

Here in the UK, throughout the pandemic, Salesforce Ireland, who employs over 2,000 employees, has recruited and onboarded over 100 new employees, despite physically shutting its doors on March 13th. 

Fast to react to customer demand, Salesforce has recently released Work.com, an app which aims to help their customers navigate the world post-COVID-19. The application includes contact tracing, emergency response management, employee wellness assessment and shift management, among others. The app is just one example of Salesforces world-leading innovation and their ability to provide customers with the tools they need quickly.  

It is this innovation which has positioned Salesforce as an immovable force in the CRM world. The company is consistently named as one of the best places to work in the UK, claiming another title recently; no.1 in its category in the Great Place to Work UK survey.  

Confidence in the Salesforce brand is high, with even the coronavirus struggling to make an impact in the company share price. On the stock market, Salesforce.com has a 99 Composite Rating and earns the no. 1 rank among its peers 

Finally, the skills that Salesforce experts posses are going to be invaluable to organisations as we emerge into a changing world. 


In-Demand Skills 



The world has changed. Going forward, there will be an even bigger focus for brands on their customer experience and customisation of user experiences, with Salesforce roles growing to accommodate this need. 

Business Leader recently reported that tech jobs in the UK at the end of March (after the pandemic had hit the UK) were up on the same period last year. Tech jobs in Manchester were up by 44.33%, Birmingham +27.29% and London +16.60%. Of these jobs, the most in-demand roles were in programming, consultants and specialists and support staff.  

The report noted, “In fact, there will be a revised focus on firms’ digital offering, with particular attention on improving e-comms channels through better CRM systems, upgraded website capabilities improved security and enhanced accessibility and use of data.” 

Do you have expert Salesforce skills? Are you passionate about CRM? Do you love solving customer problems? If so, there will be no shortage of roles for you to consider over the coming weeks and months as businesses everywhere move to recover and to strengthen customer relationships. 


What Next? 

Are you currently considering the future of your Salesforce career? To outsiders of the sector, now might seem like an unlikely time to reconsider your Salesforce career, but the truth is there is an increasing number of opportunities to talented Salesforce employees. 

If you would like to explore your Salesforce career options, browse our current vacancies, here, call us on 01322 272 542 or get in contact with us by clicking here 




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