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Why pay to use an external consultant when we can self implement…?

…is a question often asked by those businesses new to salesforce.com.

The simple answer is “You do not have to, you can self implement if you wish”

It is true that companies have the option to self implement salesforce.com, however the reality is often that the required skills and knowledge do not exist internally within the business to make the right initial decisions about the system set-up. Extreme care should be taken when making initial system set up decisions as this hugely affects the value achievable from using salesforce.com.

Salesforce.com is extremely powerful and can greatly benefit business of all shapes and sizes, however the set up decisions made in the first few hours of use will have a great affect on that value. New salesforce.com users will have a much more successful time with salesforce.com if they consult a knowledgeable, experienced consultancy in getting the right foundation in place from day one.

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