//Will personality clashes with your boss be a thing of the past? Introducing Robo-Boss!

Will personality clashes with your boss be a thing of the past? Introducing Robo-Boss!

Would it be better to have work performance evaluation based purely on tasks and outcomes? What would it be like working for a boss that looks only at the stats and brings no emotion into it? Or Artificial Intelligenceis the human element in management still vital?

Artificial Intelligence

Machine assisted decision making is set to transform the workplace in an effort to make it more efficient and cost effective. By 2018 it’s predicted that more than 3 million workers with be supervised by robots rather than human managers. Task allocations within standard workflows may be performed by robots, leaving fewer tasks to managers. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands to play an important role in enhancing the customer experience which is becoming core to all business functions.

This will certainly impact the workplace. Keeping in mind that there are many aspects of management that will still require human input – mentoring and coaching for example, evaluation of soft skills, approval of compassionate leave – these are tasks, no matter how advanced computer thinking becomes, it won’t be able to implement as successfully.

While assisted machine management may be a great tool to help with basic decision making, humans are still needed to drive management processes. So don’t burn bridges just yet, rather be aware of technology advances and continue to build positive work relationships.

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