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Workday helps employers to avoid discrimination

Employers are using Workday software to prevent workplace discrimination

Employee discrimination in the work place is unfortunately still rife in the 21st century. And, for whatever reason, people are still being discriminated against based on their gender, race, religion, age, sexuality, disability or merely even the way they look. As the overwhelming majority of people will agree, none of these individual factors are reasons for someone to be discriminated against or judged by in the work place. The only metric that should be used to judge an individual employee is their ability to do their job and their performance in doing it. Nothing else should matter to an employer.

Sadly, research has shown that the gender or appearance of an employee can have an adverse effect within the workplace due to the disruption discrimination can cause.Workday There are various ways employers have also found themselves discriminating against employees, from holding off on the training of older members of staff to obstructing career progression and promotion due to gender, race or sexuality based biases. These are situations people in senior management positions (or any other role, for that matter) should never find themselves in and should actively work to minimise the potential for it. There are various ways senior managers and hiring managers can avoid any potential discrimination. For example, training should be given to all staff so as to make them aware of equal opportunities and the detrimental effects discrimination has in the work place.

Monitoring and evaluating

Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, such as Workday, have also shown potential in helping to combat the issue of employee discrimination. The method summarily looks to increase work place equality and actively help avoid discrimination by quantifying employee data to ensure equal opportunities. Using their HCM system’s ability to track KPIs and other real time data about employee performance, many employers are now starting to use them as a means of avoiding discrimination as well as keeping tabs on individual staff performance data. By using their HCM system to keep up with staff training and other relevant factors, employers can ensure that all staff are getting equal training opportunities and are able to progress fairly while also monitoring how productively they are working.

Human capital management systems and software could well play a key part in the fight against discrimination in the workplace, along with various other actionable methods such as equal pay regardless of gender and cultural awareness days. These are but a few examples of ways in which employers can help stamp out discrimination. With the future looking set to further digitalise both business and society, businesses and organisations that keep up with technological advancements such as Workday or SAP SuccessFactors, will most likely also be the ones that best deal with employee discrimination in the work place.

If you’d like to find out more about how best to avoid discrimination, specifically throughout your recruitment and hiring process, why not check out our easy-to-read guide here.

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