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5 Top tips for settling in at your new job

Getting a job in the competitive field of marketing automation and especially in leading consulting company isn’t easy. If you’ve sold yourself well in the interview and landed your dream Marketo Marketo consulting jobconsulting job, you now need to hit the ground running and prove to your new boss that they made the right decision.

The first 90 days in a new job are critical to establishing yourself successfully in a new company. Some recruiters say that it’s merely an extension of the recruitment process. There are many expectations to meet, a new company culture to learn as well as finding that place where you can establish your expertise and excel at your job.

The sooner you feel at home in your new Marketo consulting job, the more you’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand and your role in the company. Connecting with colleagues will help you build relationships which can facilitate collaboration and co-operation as you establish yourself in your new role. Here are 5 tips for settling in quickly:

  1. Identify Key People

Identify the people that you will be interacting with on a regular basis, this includes peers as well as managers and subordinates. Establish relationships with superiors to find out what their expectations are in terms of reporting to them. Some like to be kept in the loop with daily details, others may only want to hear from you when you have a major query, and aren’t looking for daily updates. If you are leading a team, communicate your expectations so that you can start to establish good working relationships.

  1. Familiarise yourself with Key Policies and Procedures

In all companies, there will be established policies and procedures in place. Familiarise yourself with these as quickly as possible as they form part of the company culture. This not only includes work oriented details such as expense reporting, booking holiday etc., but also things such as break room etiquette. Does everyone have their own coffee cup or shelf in the refrigerator, for example? Is there a roster for washing up dishes or does everyone just do their own? These may seem like small and frivolous details, but knowing the informal cultural norms can help prevent alienating colleagues by unknowingly doing something you shouldn’t.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Encourage feedback from colleagues, managers and team members. This will help you establish a rapport and build better relationships. Remember that if you receive criticism, accept it graciously and respond in a positive way, even if the comments were biting. Sometimes people say things more harshly just to test you and see how you respond. Don’t give them a reason not to like you by responding negatively especially if you asked for the feedback in the first place.

  1. Network with Peers

The marketing automation industry is all about networking and sometimes it can turn out to be a small world when you find out you have mutual Marketo consulting acquaintances with colleagues. It’s quite likely you’ll find common ground working in the same industry, but you also want to make friends. Work is always so much more enjoyable when you work with people that you genuinely get on well with.

  1. Identify Role & Career Opportunities

Let you colleagues know what your role is in the organisation. It’s not only an opportunity to introduce yourself, but also to subtly showcase your expertise without bragging about it. This type of conversation is a great way to learn more about your colleagues and their work background too, so that you can identify key areas of expertise that you may need to call on in the organisation. Talking about your background and interests may also highlight future career or learning opportunities for you.

Most importantly remember to just be yourself. While you will want to make a good first impression don’t try be something you’re not just because you think it’ll help you fit in. It’s hard to keep up an act anyway. If you want to build genuine relationships and further your career, then just be yourself and focus on excelling at the job you were hired to do.

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