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Your Salesforce Career Strategy


We understand that your Salesforce career plan is personal to you. Therefore we don’t adopt a one size fits all strategy. Contact one of the team, for your own personal Salesforce career strategy consultation.

Salesforce Careers

1. Salesforce Career Project Initiation

First date type questions. What do you do? Why are you thinking of looking? What’s going on in your current role?

In other words, we want to know all about you, so we can help find your dream Salesforce role.

2. Project Planning

Next we define a detailed Salesforce career plan, resulting in a breakdown schedule of your own personal go to market strategy.

Why’s that important for you?

It means that we don’t just farm your CV out to every company on our database, so consequently we cherry pick just the right roles for you.

Salesforce Careers
Salesforce Careers

3. Project Launch

The ROD team discreetly goes on the hunt for the perfect job for you. We use all available resources and contacts, leaving no stone unturned to find the perfect match to enhance your Salesforce career. We’ll even provide tips on how to improve your CV to ensure it catches the hiring manager eye.

4. Project Execution

After that, we discuss the live roles and companies we think are a perfect match for your Salesforce career objectives.

Why is giving consent so important?

We ask for your consent to represent you as your Salesforce Recruitment partner, with the companies we shortlist. This ensures that you always remain in control of who your data is being shared with.

Salesforce Careers

5. Performance

You’ll receive feedback as soon as we have it and arrange interviews for you where appropriate. Don’t worry, we will work with you to make sure you’re fully prepared before every interview and share a copy of our comprehensive interview guide.

6. Project Control

Good or bad, we will always discuss your feedback from the company with you. Therefore, helping to make future interviews even better for you. Remember there’s no failure, just feedback.

Salesforce Careers

7. Congratulations

Your dream job offer has just arrived! If a company wants to make you an offer we will negotiate for you. If need be, we can even help you with the resignation process.

8. Project Close

We will chase paperwork for you and ensure a smooth transition from old job to new dream job! In addition, if you need some extra coaching, that’s okay, we can sort that out for you too.


9. It's just the beginning of your new Salesforce career

Well done on your new job.

As part of our aftercare service, we will be sticking around for a while yet. In short, we want to ensure you settle in okay and be on hand during your first few months.