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Salesforce Client Case Studies

Barney Haywood, co-founder of Futureform

Barney is a co-founder of Futureform, a Salesforce partner specialising in the financial services sector.  He has a rich history of working in the Salesforce ecosystem and talks to us about his experience of hiring in the Salesforce ecosystem, along with his experience of using Resource On Demand to help him grow his consultancy.

Penny Townsend, Partner at IBM

Penny is a Partner at IBM and has worked in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2012. She has held positions such as Programme Manager, MD and COO and shares her experiences of working with a specialist Salesforce recruitment company, Resource On Demand, both as a client and candidate.

Salesforce Candidate Case Studies

Laura Croudace, Salesforce Expert

Laura talks about her experience using Resource On Demand to help her find her latest Salesforce role.

Robeela Ali, Salesforce Architect

Rebeela talks about her experience of starting her career within the Salesforce ecosystem, and how Resource On Demand went above and beyond to find and secure her, the perfect role. Robeela is now a Salesforce Architect and credits ROD for giving her the opportunity to shine.


Marcelle Porteous

Has worked with ROD to recruit Salesforce people into her business and to also look for Salesforce roles for herself since 2009

“Yes I always recommend ROD, I don’t think that I’d be where I am today if I hadn’t known Theresa and Lee”


Richard Ferriman

Has worked with ROD to recruit Salesforce people into his business and to also look for Salesforce roles for himself since 2009

“Resource On Demand is just different. They stand head and shoulders above everybody else. They were the first recruitment company to specialise in Salesforce skills”


Alex Cowley

Has worked with ROD as both client and candidate, growing his Salesforce team as Head of Salesforce at AOL, and then when he was made redundant ROD helped to find him his new dream Salesforce job

“ The team at Resource on Demand are well connected, and as a candidate, they want to find you an ideal new home. As a client, you can trust them to find you a candidate who will fit the role and your company.“