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We recognise that our impact can be far reaching across the globe. That’s why social responsibility is high on our agenda.

Climate Action

Working Standards

Community Action

As a business we need to take action now, to safeguard the planet for the future. Since actions speak louder than words, we pledge to plant a tree for every placement we make and offset our carbon emissions.

Through analysing our carbon output using technology, investing into projects and educating others on the ways we can all do our bit, we hope to work towards being carbon neutral.

Our aim is to stamp out gender inequality.  We believe that you should be rewarded on a job well done, regardless of your gender. We pay our consultants the same level of salary regardless of their gender.

We constantly seek ways we can improve working conditions for all our employees. We want to create a great work life balance for all, that supports diversity and equality at all levels of the business.

By actively encouraging our employees to support their local communities through volunteering and fundraising, we hope bring a sense of wellbeing to the team, whilst helping to support local iniatives that make a difference.

ROD is proud to have helped many local and national causes. You can scroll down to find out more information about our fundraising and community events.

We believe in giving back to our local community and to charities that have touched the lives of our employees or people close to them.


Giving back is not just a perk at ROD, it’s a massive part of our culture, which is why we take social responsibility seriously.

Over the years we have helped out in our community by building a nursery for people with social disabilities. We’ve donated raffle prizes for The Withens Nursing Home annual fundraising event. Volunteered at We Are Beams, which supports disabled children and their families. Delivered Christmas presents to the children of Willow Ward, Darent Valley Hospital.  Volunteer as a Walk Leader for Action for Children, plus raised money for ScopeCancer Research UK,  The British Heart Foundation and Children In Need. But we hope to help many more charities.

How you can help!

We wish to reflect both your support of ROD and also give a little bit back. For this year, we will send you £250 vouchers of your choosing for any successfully placed* candidate you refer to us. We will also match this with a further £250 donation to a charity of your choice. Although you’re welcome to donate the whole amount if you prefer!

Read more about why volunteering matters to the ROD Family, in the Dartford Living Magazine (January 2019 Edition pages 14 & 15).

Action For Children


The founders of ROD, have been fundraising for charity since way before ROD’s inception and also volunteer within the local community.

All of our employees are encouraged to take part in fun runs, charity Bake Offs, volunteering and charitable events to support causes both nationally and locally…in fact we insist upon it.

Not only does it promote social responsibility, but is also great for the charities that we raise money for.

Please Help by Donating

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