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Lessons Learned During 10 Years Of Growing A Recruitment Business

Sharon Newey, Director of Superfast Recruitment, a digital marketing company  interviews the founders of Rod about the challenges they’ve faced in growing their own recruitment business.

15 November 2019

Stepping Into Local Government

Rod Founder, Theresa Durrant, confirmed as Chairperson for her local Parish Council.

23 May 2019

Deborah’s Corporate Hard Talk

Deborah Abodunrin of Deborah’s Coportate Hard Talk (DCHT) talks to RODs co-founder, Theresa Durrant about her journey to owning Europe’s first Salesforce recruitment company.

29 December 2018

Research, Networking & Training Pay Dividends When It Comes To Career Change

Rod Founder, Lee Durrant talks to the Independent’s Russ Thorne about how to make a career change and also why it isn’t always necessary to move jobs.

14 October 2010

The first UK Salesforce Recruitment Business

ROD Promo Video

2021 is shaping up to be a busy year in the Salesforce ecosystem. Watch our promotional video to see how the ROD team can help you and your business.

12 April 2021

Top Firms Celebrated At Dartford Business Award

The Dartford Business Awards 2019, organised by Dartford Council, celebrate the top businesses, shops and employees across Dartford. Having been award winners in 2018, Resource On Demand are once again recognised as outstanding employers with a “Happy at Work” commendation.

Why Giving Back To The Community Is Critical For Business

Rod Founder, Theresa Durrant, writes for the Dartford Living Magazine, about why giving back to the community is critical for business and the lessons they’ve learned.

28 December 2018

Resource On Demand Announced As Winners For Local Business Awards

Dartford Business Awards 2018, announces Rod as winners of the “Best Owner Managed Business” award for 2018.

24 September 2018