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6 Reasons Why Companies Are Using Retained Executive Search For Their Technology Hires

Finding a highly qualified, Salesforce Technical lead or Project Manager who will also be the right fit for your culture isn’t easy. The more complex the role you need to fill, the more challenging it is to find someone who fits the bill, even with a talent pipeline in place.

When a gap in your senior leadership team has the power to harm the success and longevity of your business, you need more than just the usual recruitment strategy. You need a way to ensure that you’re getting the right candidate, first time around.

That’s why many tech organisations with significant growth plans are now choosing to use a retained executive search process as they work more closely with their recruiting partner.

When a critical technology job opening becomes vacant, or it’s imperative you have THE best person for the role, a retained executive search instruction is the best way to guarantee you get the results your organisation, team or department need.

Executive retained search recruitment focus on getting you the right candidate. The companies providing these services, like the team here at ROD, use proven methodologies to find the best employee for your long-term success.

Imagine you’re hiring a new project manager for a significant business transformation project.
Without them, not only will the project potentially not be delivered on time but, your growth plans could be impacted as well as your client delivery deadlines.

In today’s marketplace, there are times when the advantages of a retained executive search outweigh all other options.

So to help decide if retained exec search is right for your organisation, here are some of the biggest benefits of choosing executive retained services.

1. When You Need The Best Hire Possible



Executive retained search services are focused on doing whatever it takes to find the right person for a role. This will include extensive marketing mapping, which your search firm will have already carried out, a honed and cultivated network that your recruiter will also have spent time, energy and resources developing over the years.

Only a retained executive search process like this will locate and persuade key hires who are not actively looking with the right mix of experience, skills and knowledge, along with the requisite cultural fit, to consider talking to you about your role.

When a recruitment company offers a retained search, it means they’ve spent years perfecting their strategies and have the market knowledge and expertise to deliver critical people for your key roles consistently.


2. Access to the Candidates Specifically Aligned To Your Brief and Organisation

The best retained search services come from companies that understand the rare mix of skills and leadership potential required for critical positions in your organisation.

Moreover, this is key; it’s about understanding your organisation at a deeper level too. Your goals, aspirations and culture fit are always top of mind.

Though many organisation’s ‘try’ their hand at recruiting or approaching individuals for specific roles they realise what a huge challenge it is. It’s incredibly time-consuming for a start, and building relationships take years not months.

For instance, I take on several exec searches each year.  Not to brag and my IT network is vast. I guess being involved in the technology space for over 21 years; it would be! Check out my LinkedIn profile and you will notice I have approaching 17,000 followers. Over the years I have been doing all the work, so an organisation like you doesn’t have too. By the way, if you have a specific role, you would like to talk about messaging me on LinkedIn here.


3. Drive Better Diversity Critical In Today’s Marketplace



If you’re recruiting for a new position in your industry, retained search services can fill your knowledge gap. The technology sector is continuously evolving, with new roles appearing all the time.  Creating a diverse organisation isn’t just the latest buzz word either. It’s going to be critical to your long-term success too. A recent article in the Financial Times highlights the fact that increasing diversity in an organisation has a significant increase in productivity.

Consequently, it’s challenging to track down specific niche automation or Salesforce experts when you know very little about the space or some of the more detailed elements of the role.

Through a retained executive search process, you access recruiters with specialist knowledge and experience in your chosen micro space. The people that you’re working with will know what appeals most to the kind of candidates you’re looking for, and how you can alter your job description to attract talent who can also add to the diversity of your team.


4. Succession Planning For Strategic Growth

If your tech company is on the path for incredible growth, you’ll want to keep it that way. Being prepared for anything is crucial for ensuring business stability. An unexpected resignation can lead to serious disruptions, particularly at an executive level.

A retained search service can include an assessment of your workforce that lets you know whether you need to take on new talent to strengthen your team.

The services you access will ensure that you have all the top-performing talent you need to thrive, based on your unique goals and vision for the future.


5. Business Critical Discretion


Technology Hire


Sometimes, the hiring process requires discretion. For instance, you may need to recruit for a new leader in a specific project team yet to be announced; you might even need your recruiter to sign an NDA too.

In cases like these, absolute discretion is vital and an advert appearing on a recruitment companies’ website or on LinkedIn is the last thing you want.


Do You Need Executive Retained Search?

When you have an essential opening to fill in your tech business, and you can’t afford to take chances, an executive search recruitment service is the ideal choice.

If the position you’re filling has the potential to deliver significant returns for your company, and a gap will leave your business stagnating, then you need to invest in the right recruitment strategy. An executive retained service sets your organisation up for success with tried, tested and proven strategies.


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