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Adobe Campaign Interviewing – The three questions to prepare for:

Successfully landing a job as an Adobe Campaign specialist requires that you
have a certain level of technical skills and industry knowledge. But does just having the right qualifications ensure you’ll get the job? Especially when there are so many equally skilled applicants applying for the same role.

It takes more to set yourself apart from other prospective candidates. To increase your chances of landing your dream job in marketing automation. Here are three interview questions to consider and know how to answer well:

1 – Will I fit into the company or team?

Even within the same industry of marketing automation, companies can have very different corporate cultures, and if you don’t fit in, you’re unlikely to really thrive in the work environment. To Adobe Campaign Digital Marketinganswer this question you need to know yourself well.

Do you work best in a vibrant busy, even pressurised environment, or do you need your own personal space to focus on the tasks at hand? Can you deal with strong and domineering personalities? Do you work well in a team? Can you lead people and give direction? Do you feel confident in sharing your ideas? Or are you more of a strategist? What unique combination of Adobe Campaign skills and experience can you offer that will set you apart from other candidates?

Once you’ve written down a few key points about yourself take the time to research the company you’re applying to. Social media is a great way to pick up on the company culture – are their posts serious and technical, customer focused, or quirky and humorous? What are customers saying about them? Even just doing an online search can pick up on industry views, customer complaints and company accolades.

Based on this you can quickly determine if this is the type of company that you’d like to work for and if indeed you will be a good fit. When preparing to answer this question, phrase it in terms of what you can add to the business to complement the success that they already have.

2 – Can I do the job?

Everyone generally wants to advance themselves in their career and often applying for a new job entails stepping up into something new that’ll help you gain more knowledge and experience. But as much as a position can offer you a learning experience, you still need to be able to offer something substantial to the business that is hiring you.

They want to know if you can do the job. Do you have the right kind of skills to be able to adapt your knowledge and experience to the new role? What level of Adobe Campaign know-how do you have? And how well will you be able to apply your knowledge to fit their brand or products or services?

Hiring staff can either be an investment or an expense and the outcome is determined by whether you can do the job. If you fail you will have cost the company a considerable amount of time and money. But if you succeed, then it’s a worthwhile investment for them that has helped the business to grow and become more profitable. It’s your job in the interview to convince them that you’re a worthwhile investment.

3 – What’s my motivation?

Perhaps it’s the salary that’s attracting you to the position, the flexibility in working hours, the opportunity for international travel or simply an opportunity to work in a vibrant, up and coming marketing automation company. Whatever your motivation, be able to articulate it clearly in the interview.

Recruiting managers favour those who have a clear vision for their career and know what they want, because generally those type of people have the determination to succeed. People may be able to fake some Adobe Campaign experience or skills, but it’s very difficult to fake passion and motivation. And that can be the difference between landing the marketing automation job or not.

Know why you’re interested in the role, what excites you about it and why you think you’ll be the ideal person for the job. Then carry that passion through in the interview. Your energy and excitement about the role can put you ahead of other candidates.

There are many other important aspects in an interview that are important; how you dress, how you conduct yourself, your posture or gestures and even your ability to be punctual. However, these three questions dig a little deeper. By preparing for them will show your prospective employer that you are serious about advancing your career as an Adobe Campaign specialist. That you have given thought to your career progression and the type of company that you want to work for. That this is not just another job for you, it’s your dream job, and that by investing in you, you will in turn be investing in and helping them to succeed.

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