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Are Your Values Aligned with Your Employers’?

Not everyone applies for a new job simply because theyve outgrown their current one. 

As recruiters, we are increasingly witnessing numerous reasons for people choosing to move to a different Salesforce role, from a change in circumstances to re-evaluating their entire career and lifestyle because of the pandemic. 

And one motivation candidates state as a significant driving factor in them looking for a new position, is the desire to move to an organisation which is more aligned with their own values. 

The pandemic has caused many substantial shifts in our culture and the broader world of work. People value their happiness and wellbeing like never before and are reassessing what changes they can make to help them feel more in control of their lives.  

Has the pandemic caused you to think about some bigger questions in your life – where you live, your career trajectory, your employer? 

Knowing that your values are aligned with your firm’s is essential in the quest for job satisfaction – today, we look at how to get some of that alignment back in your Salesforce career. 


Where is Your Head At? – Assessment Time 

For many of us, just keeping going this past year has been a considerable achievement, and it might seem crazy to you that while you have been remote working and playing an integral role in your Salesforce team, others have been changing jobs. 

These individuals made the critical decision to move to a different role, despite the pandemic. If you hadnt contemplated it before, now is an ideal time for you to assess where you are in your Salesforce career.  

It can be an uncomfortable thing to consider, but a necessary one if you want to make an informed decision about the future of your career. So, lets look at the stages involved in finding an employer whose values are more aligned with your own. 


1. Defining Your Values 

First of all, you need to decide what beliefs and values are important to you. 

It could be that you want to work for a company who looks after their employees exceptionally well or to be in a role where you feel you are making a real difference. Maybe you want to flex your Salesforce skills in a sector you are personally interested in, such as electronics, leisure or a specific retail industry. 

It could even be that your main priority is to maximise your earning potential. All of these are valid reasons to look for a new Salesforce role. 

Discovering what it is that you are genuinely looking for from your job is not always easy. 

If you want some independent Salesforce careers advice, remember that we are here to help – click here to find out how we can help you plan the future of your Salesforce career. 


2. Re-Evaluate Your Employers Values 

Every business has dealt with the pandemic differentlySome have gone out of their way to help their teamcustomers and the wider community, and then others have gone quiet. 

Salesforce is one of the most highly-rated companies to work for worldwide. Still, for individuals working in different industries on an external Salesforce team, the story might differ. 

Has your employer been supportive towards you in your role throughout the pandemic? And further than that – checked in with you personally and been flexible with working arrangements? Many people have found the juggle between remote working and homeschooling less than ideal, and some employers have proven themselves to be more caring and considerate than others. 

Suppose you have felt as though your organisation hasn’t been accomodating to you during the crisis. In that case, this is a sign that your values are not aligned and that perhaps you would be happier in a different consultancy or end-user client. 

So, what other options are there? Lets look at what kind of values you should be on the lookout for in an employer. 


3. Investigate Different Company Values 

Thanks to our Information Age, it is easier than ever to find out what you need to know about potential employers. 

As Salesforce recruiters, when we help talented Salesforce candidates as they decide on what they want from their next role, we always advise that they consider a potential employers culture and values. A mismatch of values is one of the main reasons that motivate great individuals to look for a new role. 

Think about the following: 

  • Take a good look at the company website – what information can you find about the team, the management and even the stakeholders?  
  • What kind of impression do you get about the type of people that work there – do you see yourself fitting in? 
  • What do they explicitly state is their vision and mission? Does it align with your personal values? 

As a general rule, the companies who are proud to talk about their employees, their culture and their values are the ones who are working to make these elements as good as they can be. 

When a company hides behind their name and are secretive about how they treat staff and their business model – this can set alarm bells ringing.  

Increasingly, there are online platforms where you can read reviews from current and previous employees – always do a Google search to see what you can find in terms of values here.  


4. Think About the Bigger Picture 

Many Salesforce employees stay in their roles for reasons that dont stand up when you stop and consider the bigger picture. 

One of the main reasons people stay in their jobs is that they enjoy their role and get on with their colleagues. Many individuals worldwide are reluctant to leave their positionfor reasons that are holding them back.  

Think about the bigger picture – is your current job pushing you towards your ultimate career goal, or is it halting your progression? Have you been disinclined to apply for a new role because there is no pressing reason to leave your current company? 

And critically think about how working for a different employer would provide you with a better sense of alignment and ultimately, job satisfaction.  

Right now, there are so many opportunities for talented Salesforce candidates – are you ready to find a new role with a new organisation who shares your values? To discuss your next Salesforce career move with an expert, get in touch with us today by clicking here, or call me on 01322 272 532. 





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