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(Can’t) get no satisfaction?

It seems IT professionals are getting more satisfaction when it comes to work. AWork Satisfaction recent survey conducted by Computerworld looked at IT professional and their job satisfaction levels. Surprisingly 18% of respondents say they are more satisfied in their jobs compared to a year ago.

The survey also went on to ask about their long term plans, and of those surveyed only 4% envisaged leaving their IT profession within the next five years, whilst the vast majority were optimistic about being in a more senior role.

And, when it comes to health, it seems stress levels are on the decline, as we start to see happier workforces.

The economy has seen an upturn of late, which thankfully has led to a drop in redundancies and stress levels, as approximately 61% of IT professionals say they feel they now have job security.

Whilst pay and job stability are always going to be a number one concern for employees, this is closely followed by the responsibilities of the role and a sense of belonging to a community. Plus, with work life creeping ever forward into our personal lives it is unsurprising that flexible working environments and commuting also plays a part in our satisfaction levels. But, way down on their list of concerns is job recognition, or a sense of a job well-done.

So, who is left nursing the headache?

With IT Managers expected to increase headcount, they were surveyed on what skills they will be looking for over the next year. High on their list was skills, such as; application and mobile application development, business intelligence, database analysis and development, cloud computing, data management, data mining / warehousing, enterprise application integration and virtualisation.

However, their biggest concerns were based around projects piling up due to resourcing issues, as the average time taken to fill IT roles is between 3 to 6 months.


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