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Callum Hamill Salesforce Recruiter


Callum Hamill Salesforce Recruiter

Callum’s Background

Callum Hamill hadn’t originally set out to be a technology recruitment consultant. Working as a lawyer was his original goal, and consequently, after school, Callum went to University to study Law.  Unfortunately, during his undergrad studies, Callum discovered that working in the law sector wasn’t something he enjoyed as much as he thought he would. So, time for a change which meant Callum decided to take part in a graduate training scheme with Enterprise Rent-A-Car; the global car rental organisation.

During his first couple of years, Callum made assistant branch manager and then had the realisation that the next step was a managers role and a lifetime of renting out cars; not something that excited him.

Callum was at a crossroads. He had bought a house locally in Dartford and wanted a great career and was willing to work hard; though what he didn’t want was a two-hour commute to London daily.

Not only would that impact his life negatively, it was also incredibly costly funding the commute to London daily.

What happened next?

Callum discovered a job advertisement from Lee and Theresa at Resource on Demand. It looked like a dream role with both excellent career and earning potential and within working distance of his new home — Result. Callum then spoke to Lee Durrant one of the founders, and the interview process started.

What was Callum’s experience of the interview process with ROD?

The first interview at Resource on Demand was with Lee and Theresa Durrant, the co-founders of ROD.

It was more of a conversation than a classic ‘grilling’ interview. Callum was surprised how much Lee and Theresa listened to him and uncovered what was important to him about his career and life goals.

The interview went off topic on more than one occasion to cricket, football and travel on more than one occasion. The openness and relaxed style of the interview gave Callum a first-hand experience of the ROD company culture and employer brand.

Having recently moved to a new home Callum wanted to enjoy life, travel and have a successful career too, all of which seemed more than possible with the role that was available as part of the ROD team. In his own words, Callum commented; “I walked away from the interview thinking; I really hope I get this one.”

What has been your experience of working at ROD?

Callum has worked, successfully, with ROD for over five years. Originally joining a smaller version of ROD in a different office.

As the team has grown the Resource on Demand HQ is now on the high street which has had a thumbs up from all the team; though not their waistlines, with eateries being sometimes a little to close by!

Initially, Callum started as a junior consultant when the ROD team numbered 6 people, as the team started to grow and develop so did Callum’s role and he was given the opportunity to move around the different specialist sectors in the business.  Callum now has experience of working with the Salesforce.com and HCM clients and candidates. Most recently Callum has moved to the Key Accounts delivery team, where his skills in resourcing talent across all sectors have turned him into quite a superstar in the ROD team.

As ROD is a growing team with a focus on scaling, they have restructured to become more agile in the way they deliver their service for both clients and candidates.

Both Lee and Theresa have advanced knowledge of both business acceleration and getting the best out of people, with Theresa also being a qualified business and personal coach. This has meant that the ROD management team ensure that square pegs go in square holes and vice versa and that development and growth are there for the taking with everybody.

Individual team members are given roles that align with their unique abilities and skills levels which results in a workplace culture that is exciting to be a part of.

Would you recommend Resource On Demand as an employer and why?

“Yes absolutely.

If someone wants to come and work, local to where they live, in a fun work environment with a lot of support and training and earning a great salary; then ROD is the place to work. We have a summer BBQ, a great Christmas party and we are friends too. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else doing this job, necessarily.

Recruitment isn’t always the easiest of jobs; there are ups and downs. However, the good thing is, when you have your downs here, you’ve got some really good, experienced people around you to help you get over it and move on to the next thing.

That would be it. Fun, flexible, local, great salary and benefits. “

If you want to be part of an award-winning team, you can find out more here.