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Shaylina Uddin Salesforce Recruiter

Shaylina Uddin Salesforce RecruiterShaylina’s Background

Having started her career in sales, Shaylina had an insight into the recruitment industry as several friends were consultants. Following an introduction, she gained her first role as a resourcer in a London company in 2005 and progressed to a development manager’s role.

Having tasted success, Shaylina decided to explore what career opportunities there were in the bigger London market. Arriving in the city, Shaylina headed up the telecoms division of MSI and later was approached by Arrows Group to take over the role of heading up a new telecoms division.

After a fast track start to her career, Shaylina took time out to start a family. When the time came to return to work in 2014 the thought of “The London Life” was no longer that appealing, as she now had a young daughter so wanted to be local, especially as her Fiancé also worked in London.

She realised she wanted to work closer to home as having the ability to spend more time with her family became increasingly important.

It was around this time Lee Durrant, one of the co-founders of Resource on Demand (ROD), contacted Shaylina. They were very local to her, so it all seemed too good to be true.

What happened next?

Following a telephone conversation with Lee, Shaylina was invited to an interview with himself and  Theresa in their Dartford offices. As ROD was a locally based company, Shaylina saw this as an opportunity worth exploring.

What attracted you to Resource on Demand as an employer?

  • Lee and Theresa have an excellent reputation as business owners within the industry.
  • ROD is a local employer that also offer the opportunity for flexible working.
  • During her conversations with Lee and Theresa, Shaylina gained an appreciation of how ROD had grown as a company, the investments in technology they had made and their ambitions for the next stage of the company’s development.
  • Being able to work closely with Lee as a founder presented a development opportunity that Shaylina hadn’t seen before in London-based recruitment companies.
  • Working in a company where the founders were also working five days a week hadn’t been Shaylina’s previous experience.

What has been your experience to date working at Resource on Demand (ROD)

On her first day, it’s fair to say Shaylina wasn’t sure she had made the right decision as she immediately compared the culture she found herself in with what she was used to in London. The office was quieter than the “lad culture” she was used to as her new colleagues busied themselves on their PC ’s.

Developing a sales and performance culture within ROD was part of Lee and Theresa’s growth strategy, and Shaylina experienced a massive change over a short period. Today there is a healthy and competitive environment where consultants operate individually and as a team to increase billings and their earning potential.

During the last three and a half years ROD has;

  • Relocated to new offices twice.
  • Recruited new team members who thrive in a sales and performance culture, without being cut-throat
  • Invested in their professional development and the teams, which included Shaylina, taking part in an external six-month billing manager training programme.
  • Provided access to an external coach for Consultants over a 12-month period – and now have access to Theresa as a Business Coach
  • Lee has mentored Shaylina as she developed her knowledge and network in Salesforce while Theresa has coached Shaylina to develop as a people manager.
  • Expanded into new areas of growth technology, which is always exciting finding out what the next big thing could be before it becomes mainstream.
  • Introduced a new commission structure which means that earning potential is similar if not better than many London agencies.

Shaylina says, “Resource on Demand is a different company today than the one that I joined, and it’s all for the better. They listen to your ideas and will implement them if they have potential”

How would you describe the culture today in ROD?

“ROD has a family culture. We like going out and letting our hair down; we gel as a team. Even though the company has a new team structure that means I head up new business while a colleague is the head of the accounts team and we have healthy competition because it builds the revenue because you want to beat each other while offering a fantastic service to our customers; it’s still the same company. Everyone is here to help each other out, in whatever way they can.

What have been your achievements during your time with ROD?

“When I joined ROD and experienced first-hand the reputation Lee and Theresa had in the market it opened doors for me when I called clients and candidates. I have kept those doors open and have been able to achieve the top salesperson award two years running before going on maternity leave for my 2nd child. I am expecting to win it back having returned from my second maternity leave. I am still learning new techniques from Theresa which enables me to coach and support my team which is how I now see my role, even though I am still an active “360 Recruiter”

What I have learned is that it’s now about how I support my team to increase their billings. How can I use our excellent ROD reputation to open doors for my team in the same way that Lee did for me?

If I can do that for my guys, I will know I have achieved something. That’s what ROD is about, helping each other out.

I would love to have one of the guys in my team have the crown as top salesperson while hitting my own P & L targets.”

Would you recommend Resource On Demand as an employer and why?

ROD is a great company to work in; it has a fantastic reputation and an excellent clientele.

It’s been set up since 2009, so we have a robust Salesforce database, but we’ve opened marketing automation, testing, HCM; we’re not going to stop there.

It’s not unusual to experience Founders and Directors who see themselves as better than their team members, and yet Lee and Theresa are regular, down to earth people who treat everyone as equal and don’t take themselves too seriously. What you see is what you get. They mentor and coach you and provide you with the resources you need to succeed. They also celebrate success with you, at every opportunity!

If someone wants a swanky London office to work in every day, that’s fine, but is the cost and time of commuting worth it? Does it make you any more successful? In my experience, the opportunity to earn commission is just as good if not better. Putting a swanky London office to one side then, what it’s about is the people you work with; people need to look away from the office and location. Yes we are in Dartford, but we service clients from all over the world, and we get to be home in time to put our kids to bed, have a glass of prosecco and go again the next day.  I would say, look past London and give it a chance.  You’re doing the same job, you’re working for a company that’s a lot better, has an excellent reputation, and you can be a part of that.”

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