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Covid-19- The Benefits of Salesforce Roles in The Coronavirus Outbreak

As of March 2020, the officially declared Covid-19, Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc in the UK as businesses have altered working arrangements to limit the spread of infection.

Countries who have suffered the worst outbreaks have attempted to quell the spread of the disease by introducing self-isolating measures. One such piece of advice is that people, where possible, should work from home.

Of course, this is not always possible – millions of people in the UK work in both public and private sector customer-facing roles, where their presence at work is necessary for their job.

However, with the number of people in the UK who work from home jumping from 884,000 ten years ago to more than 1.54 million in 2020, remote working is on the rise.

The coronavirus has raised some interesting questions about the nature of how we work. People who might not have previously considered remote working are now starting to recognise the benefits, and are exploring these kinds of roles.

So let me share with you the benefits of Salesforce jobs in terms of the flexibility and their ability to allow you to work remotely, as and when required.

Remote Working and Coronavirus

Every different role in each sector will have its positives and negatives, and a lot of what people look for from their job comes down to personal preference.

I’ve worked with candidates who love the buzz of a busy city office, candidates with young families who prefer to work remotely from their home in the country and everything in between.

The nature of tech support means that remote working is usually a bonus that comes with the role if you chose to take it. But the recent outbreak has forced people to recognise the vast benefits of being able to avoid the office if you need to.

Google, Amazon and Apple were among the first companies to instruct employees to work from home, and travel bans on non-essential trips have meant that international business meetings have been dramatically reduced.

In the wake of the epidemic, companies who offer remote working have fared better than those who don’t; in terms of downtime, disruption and the spread of the virus itself.

The Benefits of Working From Home

Before COVID-19, for many who have the option to work from home, it was probably not something they gave much thought to. But this has changed now, as remote working has become an essential and even life-saving component to some roles.

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to self-isolate to stay away from potential illness, let’s take a look at some of the lesser talked about the benefits of home working.

  • You experience fewer distractions from co-workers and office buzz which means you get more done, in a shorter time
  • You’re not tied to a schedule. Even if your employer is pretty good at not calling unnecessary meetings, there will naturally be times during the working day where you get pulled to participate in something that doesn’t apply to you. But not when you work from home – your day is your own to plan as you like.
  • You’ve got the option to customise your environment. If you know you work better from the desk in the spare room, then go for it.
  • No commute – enough said!

Of course, there can be drawbacks from working from home, but with careful planning and management, they can be dealt with effectively.

Some people find it lonely working from home – to combat this make sure you check in regularly with your team.  If you find the free reign of working from home daunting (especially if you’re new to this type of working), make sure you compile a schedule and stick to it.

So, with everything considered, is it time you started looking a role which offers remote working opportunities?

Salesforce Remote Working Opportunities

In the tech sphere, and in particular Salesforce roles, working from home is considered the norm.

Remote working is so prevalent in Salesforce that it is quite often not even mentioned as part of the initial job description – it is more of an accepted benchmark.

As well as specific remote Salesforce positions, regular Salesforce administrator, developer and consultant roles all come with remote working opportunities.

Salesforce roles which offer the highest remote working opportunities include-

  • Customer success architect
  • Senior data engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Delivery manager
  • Developer evangelist
  • Senior consultant
  • Technical architect

Do you have experience in these in-demand Salesforce roles?

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