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Do You Have Any Questions?

Digital Marketing RecruitmentAt the end of most interviews, the interviewer will ask whether or not you have any questions for them about the company or any aspect of working life there. As both recruitment specialists and employers ourselves, we know that the worst response to this question is “no”. In this blog post we’ll be looking at why asking questions in interviews is extremely important for your career.

Why is asking questions so important?

Asking questions at the end of an interview is important for many reasons. Firstly, it shows that you are interested to learn more about the company you are looking to join. When attending an interview, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer. Does someone who has no questions to ask at the end of their interview strike you as someone that is determined to do the best they can in their new role? Probably not. When you think about job seekers that get to the end of their interviews and have questions already prepared, are you more likely to see them as eager to learn more about their new role and the company than those that don’t? The answer in nearly every case is an overwhelming yes.

In digital marketing recruitment, it is important that job seekers understand what employers are looking for in applicants. By asking the questions you want answered, you are helping to gain a better grasp of what will be expected of you should you be successful in your interview.

Another reason asking questions is important, is to demonstrate to any potential employer that you have a passion for what you do. These are the types of people employers want to hire into their companies and asking questions at the end of your interview can demonstrate to your interviewer that you are indeed one of these people.

Questions to avoid asking

No one wants to be labelled as a “clock watcher”, and no one want to employ “clock watchers” either. Therefore, it is important, to remember that asking questions about pay, lunch, holiday and work hours are, more often than not, a bad idea. We’re not saying that you cannot ask these questions, but don’t make these your ONLY questions. Solely asking these types of questions, could potentially harm your chances of being offered a position should your interviewer pick up on this.

Questions to ask

Questions about the company’s history, previous and future projects / clients and the opportunity for progression are usually a good idea as they demonstrate to your interviewer that you have given the interview serious thought and are looking to gain as much insight into your potential new employers as possible. Remember to listen carefully to the responses and ask for the interviewer to elaborate wherever possible, about interesting bits of information.

Also, don’t forget to use this as a opportunity to do some fact-finding of your own.  Ask them what a typical day might look like, or what the team are like, such as your future colleagues backgrounds etc., what are their unique selling points and so on. The chances are you will like find out the answers to the questions you should avoid asking, without actually having to ask them.

So there we have it, never underestimate the power of asking questions, in order to show an interest in the company you’re hoping to work for, and for demonstrating your passion for the industry you are in.

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