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Ever wondered what it takes to become a Salesforce MVP?

As a frequent visitor to the Salesforce community, there are a certain group of people that you can’t help but admire. They are your MVPs. So what is it about this group of people that sets them Salesforce MVPapart?

Firstly they are happy to give up their time contributing to questions within the community. Often complex and lengthy ones too. Conversations within the community groups can go for days or over pages, which says a lot. They are so passionate about what they do, that they don’t just give a quick answer and redirect people to a link, they take time to understand the problem and then actually come up with a real solution. Solutions that solve real-life problems or pain points for others. There is no cost involved, just simple thanks and a thumbs up when the solution resolved the problem.

Then there are the endless events, webinars and material that they contribute to the community on a daily basis. They are happy to share their technical know-how, tips on getting th best from Salesforce, best practices and much more. And this is on top of their day job. These guys and girls are true contributors towards the community. For them it is a labour of love and that’s why we love them. If I have a problem with our own Salesforce instance, I head across to the community pages, because I know the answer will be sitting there waiting for me. As a self-taught Administrator the hours spent looking through the community chats to get ideas is well in the hundreds, if not thousands. But I never come away disappointed…instead my life is enriched as I will always find a better and smarter way of doing things.

So why do they do what they do?

We asked this question to a number of MVPs, and true to style their anwers were reflective and often lengthy. Not that we are complaining of course. But each response had one thing in common – “We love to help”. Pure and simple, in a nutshell, they just love helping others. They are not motivated by glory, or recognition. They don’t do it to get one up on their peers…they do it because they want to. In the words of one MVP “And for the love of all that is Good and Holy, DON’T do it to become an MVP, do it because it’s something you truly want to do, and if the MVP thing happens because of it, all the better”.

This selfless act by a group of passionate people, has made the Salesforce community more colourful and richer, which is why Salesforce is so successful. In every sense of the word, this is collaboration at its finest. So well done MVPs for all your hardwork and contributions to the community. You are without doubt our heros!!