//Getting the most out of your CRM Software – Decisions via your CRM Dashboard

Getting the most out of your CRM Software – Decisions via your CRM Dashboard

Following on from our previous articles about CRM software tips, this installment looks at using dashboards for decisions. We will be sharing our top tips on why you should be using dashboards and what it can do for your service / support teams.

There are multiple benefits to using a CRM dashboard, in this article we will tell you the top three. After reading this, you will agree that you should be optimising your dashboard use and will be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

CRM DashboardBenefit 1: Productivity

Having access to dashboards will enable your company to be more productive. It will allow users to see their progress and managers will have the ability to collate KPI’s and track performance with ease. A recent survey, carried out on more than 4,000 Salesforce customers found that users were able to reduce the time needed to prepare reports by an average of 52%.

Benefit 2: Visibility

Dashboards are easily accessible and allow you to customise them however you want. You can create dashboards for different teams, campaigns and purposes; granting access to only those who you want to see it. Dashboards allow sales, service and support users to keep track of customer pipeline and cases and see how they are progressing. This is is particularly helpful for users who work towards targets, as it can help keep them on track.

Benefit 3: Real-time

If your business spends a vast amount of time collating departmental, sales and support data on spreadsheets, then you need to stop now! Whether you are a large organisation or a startup company, dashboards enable you to request and see important data from across the whole company in real-time. Productivity and performance reports can be compiled and publish quickly and in just a fraction of the time, then with manual methods.   

Next top tips

We hope that you can see the benefit of using dashboards for decisions. Watch out for our next top tips on deploying a marketing automation system.  

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