Getting Major Bottleneck in line

Let me introduce you to Major Bottleneck. He is a hard task master, and a perfectionist. Which means everything has to go through him. Do you know this guy and does he exist within your Digital marketing recruitmentorganisation?

He does here at ROD……..He’s me!!!

I am that perfectionist that wants to have a handle on everything, almost all of the time, because it’s my business and I want to run it a certain way. This may sound logical and even admirable, but the problem is I’m only one person with a limited amount of time and energy and sometimes my need to be involved is more of hindrance than a help. Tasks that could be rolled out are held up because I insist they have to come through me and this causes a bottleneck. Here are three ways I’m learning to get Major Bottleneck back in line:

Solution 1 – Planning
Too often in the digital marketing recruitment industry we get bogged down in our day by attending to seemingly urgent but unimportant tasks and this happens easily when you don’t have a plan. Working according to a schedule or having a list of specific tasks that I need to complete within a given time frame helps me to stay on track. Even if I do have unexpected interruptions, when I have a plan it’s easier to pick up again where I left off and I’m much more productive.

Solution 2 – Delegation
Despite my need for control, I am discovering that sometimes it’s best to hand things over and delegate responsibility. It’s not that I can’t do the tasks, it’s simply that my time is better spent on strategic tasks that will build my clients build their digital marketing teams. It’s a case of asking the question “What is my time worth and where will it add the most value. What are the important tasks that only I can do and what does that leave that I can delegate to others?” After some careful consideration you’ll probably find that you can free up 30-50% of your time through delegation. Find people who have the right kind of expertise, such as digital marketing recruitment experts like Resource On Demand, who understand you and your business and then let them get on with the tasks.

Solution 3 – Partnering
Similar to delegation is partnering with other businesses who have specific expertise because it allows each business to focus on their core area of strength. This is especially true in the digital marketing recruitment industry. Of course it’s possible to recruit in house. But is this the best use of a managers time and will the digital marketing company be able to attract the right pool of candidates? Are projects stalling for a lack of having the right expertise? And could the solution be for cloud computing companies to partner with a digital marketing recruitment firm to provide them with the right kind of talent they need to grow their business effectively and keep projects on track?

Time is one commodity we can’t create more of, but we can start to use it wisely. Through planning, delegation and partnering businesses can start to work smarter and more efficiently. Then you can wave goodbye to major bottleneck and enjoy a more productive and profitable business.

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