//Getting the best out of marketing automation

Getting the best out of marketing automation

A recent survey show that around 36% of organisations using marketing automation are not currently making use of the inbuilt lead generation tools. And although business are waking up to marketing automation as a whole, many still fail to understand what it can do.

Since 2011, there are eleven times more business using marketing automation, but many still fail to see the return on their investment. Marketo, a leading provider of marketing automation software has provided their top tips on how to improve the usage of such software. Here is a quick overview or their tips:

Lead Generation

Enhance Lead Nurturing

Most people do not use this tool. Whether it be because they do not know it is there, or because they believe they do not need to use this ‘because they have been doing it for so long’. Anyone at any company could simply send emails to prosperous clients who we currently are not working with, but there is so much more you can do.  Carrying out new processes, with the help of marketing automation, could bring a new way of doing things and adding new ideas to the way you are nurturing your campaigns. Knowing how to divide your leads properly can help maximise your ROI.  

Smart Forms

Bringing in new leads is the easy part, the next step in finding a way to get their attention. An experienced marketer will know that capturing data can be difficult. Getting better data can be hard too, it seems you have two choices: you can limit the number of forms for an improved number of conversions, or increasing the number of forms for fewer conversions.

Using the marketing automation system also makes it so you are capable of implementing smart forms that include real time data. Advanced profiling enables you to obtain more information each time a lead returns to your website. This allows you to, over time, build your database.

Real-time Personalisation

Using a marketing automation system can help set up a personalised visitor experience. Each visitor has different needs, depending on the industry they work within – marketing automation makes it possible for everyone who visits your website to only see information relating to their industry.

Go Mobile

The average person spends more times online via mobile devices than desktop PC, with the most amount of time being spent using applications. In order to get more visitors to your site your company needs to go mobile, but without the correct tools it can be difficult. You need a plan but you also need to work with more data.

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