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Getting the most out of your CRM Software – User Adoption

user adoptionFollowing on from our previous article, managing CRM data. In this installment, we take a look at user adoption and introducing new users to CRM software, by sharing our top tips from using our own internal system, Salesforce.


Most people are driven to do something when motivated. We recently read an article by Salesforce.com, which mentioned that some business’ drive user adoption with monetary or gift incentives. So that when users, use the platform in ways that are consistent with the company’s vision, they are rewarded for their efforts.

Recognising that  not all people are motivated by rewards and that some individuals are more motivated by not wishing to fail, we decided to test this out by taking it a step further with a short experiment.  Over a four month period, we introduced fun forfeits for those users who used the system incorrectly, whilst rewarding individual heros when they consistently did well.  Whilst neither method proved better or worse than the other, the desired result was achieved. Within a very short period of time our user adoption had increased by a staggering 72%.


We are of the firm belief that good habits are taught, and user adoption beings on day one. Part of our induction for new employees is helping them to understand the value and benefit of our internal Salesforce system and how they can use it to their advantage.  We also look to promote ‘Systems Champions’, which are individuals who not only use the system well, but see the value of it, who can help instill good habits among their colleagues.

To ensure our team are getting the best from the system, we deliver training on a continuous basis, and ensure that the following is always available:

  • Have a platform where team members can find help guides and information
  • Clearly written manuals or cheat sheets on all of the system features, with handy screen dumps and visuals
  • ‘Help prompts’ integral to the system
  • That help and training material covers all methods of learning i.e. visual, written, hearing and experience

Showing the benefits

Whether your CRM system is being used for a sales or service purposes, the system is only as good as those using it. We recognised that to guarantee our user adoption success, users need to see the true benefits. For example;

Sales people responded better to the system when they saw that it could help them manage their sales process more effectively. Or they could be more productive with less effort.

Those people delivery service and support came fully on board when the realised they could close cases and support queries much quicker, and received positive customer feedback as a result.

Making improvements

All CRM systems are adaptable to business needs, and often the best improvements come from the people using the system. Internally, we use Chatter groups to enable users to suggest system improvements and changes. Anyone who has a suggestion to improve business processes can share their ideas with the company, which opens further dialogue with both IT and users. Through the Chatter group we have allowed individuals to take ownership of the system, and have a voice on how they want to use the system.  And when the whole team is on board, the end result is better use of the system.

Next top tips 

We hope that you found our tips for user adoption useful. Watch out for our next top tips on using dashboards for decision making!

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