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Cloud Technology TrainingIn an industry where there is most definitely a skills shortage, passion and determine can go a long way. Whilst there are still a number of companies out there, who place a lot of importance on education and degrees from top universities, many companies are now leaning towards experience and passion for technology, as being more vital within their new hires.

Co-founder of ROD, Theresa Durrant, had this to say, “A persons attitude and aptitude can play a big part in making an individual stand out in the crowd, and in some cases more so than what university they went to. We join our clients in voicing big concerns in how education is most definitely lagging behind, as universities still do not offer relevant cloud technology courses. We feel that the Education Secretary is missing a vital link in helping unemployed, but talented individuals into gainful employment, by not taking technology skills shortages across the UK, into consideration.”

In an industry that is ever evolving and changing shape, hiring managers are now changing their assessment criteria, for hands-on practical experience, passion for technology and entrepreneurial tendencies, with a view to providing in-house training to get the candidates to the right level of skills they need.

Individuals who can demonstrate they are willing to get involved, are more likely to be given an opportunity, if they do not currently possess the right level of skills, and in this respect crowdsourcing has seen a big surge in participants willing to offer up ‘code’ on a pro bono basis. Durrant went on to say “We actively encourage everyone, looking for their big break into a technology profession to get involved. Showing that you can think outside the box to gain real world experience, is going to be extremely attractive to a potential employer, in seeing that you are not frightened to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.”