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How AI and Machines Are Changing Digital Marketing

Marketing is a combination of art and science. Advertising professionals need to understand everything from purchasing trends to current technology, and even the human psychology that pushes people to buy. It’s easy to see why companies spend so much time looking for the right marketing hire with a digital marketing specialist recruitment agency.  

Now, marketers have another evolution to contend with: the introduction of AI into the customer conversation. A marketing team that’s ready for AI implementation can access huge amounts of useful data and transform customer experience strategies. As futuristic as the technology might seem, it’s already changing the marketplace.  

Here are just some of the that ways machines are causing marketing to evolve.  

1. Taking the Assumptions Out of Advertising


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Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can track every discussion a marketer has with a customer. These systems then translate that information into actionable insights for your organisation. The result is an experience that’s fully-tailored to your target audience. Marketers using AI can ensure that every ad is relevant, engaging and exciting in the eyes of their consumer.  

Already, 47% of “digitally mature” organisations are using an AI strategy. What’s more, because machine learning continues to gather information over time, it can help you to quickly adapt your marketing campaigns as you learn about customer preferences and needs.  


2. Creating Connections

Modern consumers expect diversity in the ways they connect with companies. The average call centre is quickly evolving to include instant messaging, SMS, and even video chat for customers. AI is just one of the disruptive technologies helping marketers to facilitate a better conversation with customers.  

Chatbots are one of the most significant trends in AI today. By mimicking human conversation, they offer automated responses to customers, eliminating some of the more repetitive customer service tasks in any business. Marketers can also use chatbots as a point of differentiation when building your brand image. A company with a chatbot strategy appears to be more dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.  

3. Improving Efficiency and Productivity


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Many data scientists suggest that AI will eventually change the roles human beings have in marketing. Chief Marketing Officers in technology-savvy firms have already begun to see the difference an AI implementation can make. For a CMO, AI makes it easier to create and source useful content that improves company visibility and generates revenue.  

Because AI takes over repetitive tasks like adjusting media campaigns and bidding for ad placements, marketing hires will have more time to focus on the creative side of their careers. For some companies, this might mean that AI delivers an opportunity to offer your candidates more exciting jobs. When marketers get to focus on the things they enjoy most each day, your employer brand will thrive, and your company culture will too.  

4. Designing Predictive Ad Content

With AI to analyse business data, your organisation will not only be able to make sense of information faster but also use it to predict your consumer’s needs. With enough data, marketing teams can predict everything from which blog their readers would like to see next, to where they can host an upcoming event.  

While advertising is an essential component of any digital marketer’s career, designing a campaign can be complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, AI helps to streamline the process with big data, marketing trends, and user tracking. AI can even automatically create predictive content that places the right message in front of the ideal customer. For instance, the Red Roof Inn grew their business by 10% just by using predictive ad content to connect with stranded travellers.  


5. New Roles and Employee Schedules


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Finally, the evolution of AI may transform the way your marketing hires work for you. Artificial Intelligence systems continue to work outside of office hours, managing manual labour tasks so that your team can concentrate on other, more subjective layers of a campaign. This not only makes the job more immersive for a marketer, but it also gives them more freedom to choose their hours and work remotely.  

With artificial intelligence to offer support, working hours in many leading companies could become less restrictive. This means that your company may attract a broader range of talent with a flexible schedule benefit. Far more than just the “technology of the future,” AI gives today’s organisations endless opportunities to get ahead of digital transformation.  





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