//How Salesforce’s New Products and Growth Could Impact Your Career

How Salesforce’s New Products and Growth Could Impact Your Career

2020 has been a strange year so far – are you wondering what the next part of the year might bring? 

What we have all learned recently is that nothing is a given; sometimes thing happen to us which are out of our control. 

However, though some people might lose their current position, when you are fortunate enough to work in the Salesforce ecosystem, it has never been a better time to build your career. 

Its a strange juxtaposition when I read about the challenges facing the sectors that have been put on hold due to Covid-19. When I look around me at Salesforce and the successful clients and determined candidates I work with, the truth is that conditions in our industry have never been better.  

We are all looking forward to the time when things start to feel normal again, and positive news coming from any sector is welcomed. The UK economy is growing again, slowly but surely, and here at Resource On Demand, were hoping for the best for businesses across all sectors.  

But today I want to talk about the growth that is happening in our industry, against the fearful forecasts economists predicted during the pandemic. 

The success of Salesforce at the moment seems unstoppable, and were here to help guide employees and candidates to help them make the best career decisions during this critical time. 

Let me share the latest information coming from our sector, and what this means for the future of your Salesforce career.  


Salesforces Recent Growth  

Despite restrictions being lifted, the government have reiterated that we are not out of the woods yet. 

There are still social distancing measures in public places, and many workplaces will remain virtual until at least next year and the threat of coronavirus, while diminished, is still present. 

But these global changes appear to have had little if any effect on Salesforce, who has reported record growth in the last few months. 

In July 2020, Salesforce met perhaps their most significant growth marker to date – their market value eclipsed direct rival Oracle for the first time, the company from which Salesforce was born. 

Salesforce’s market capitalisation is now worth £143 bn compared to Oracle’s £137 bn. It is thought the boom in online shopping since the pandemic has contributed to this recent growth. 


New Remote Working Efforts  

While the recent growth and success of Salesforce might be encouraging you to think about applying for that higher-paid role, Salesforce themselves are being proactive in making all roles easier for employees. 

As one of the earliest companies to take action during the pandemic – allowing all employees to work from home until at least next year, they are now putting their money where their mouth is with new products aimed at making home working easier.  

This is what I love about Salesforce – they live and breathe the word ‘innovation’.  

The annual TrailheaDX conference, which this year was, of course, a virtual event, outlined what working in Salesforce will look like in our post-pandemic world.  

Salesforce announced the release of a range of developer productivity tools designed to help coders working remotely to build applications quickly and to scale. Code Builder, Salesforce Functions and DevOps Centre have just launched, and they have been developed to make your job even easier.  


Diversity and Inclusion  

Putting the pandemic to one side, there are plenty of other exciting things going on in Salesforce right now, which are impacting on the growth of the company by enhancing job prospects.  

Salesforce’s reputation as a great employer continues to be exceptional as they are consistently winning ‘best place to work’ accolades. But this year, they have added another string to their employer bow. 

In July 2020, Salesforce was awarded top place in the Best Workplaces for Women in the UK, as part of the Best Workplace awards. 

It was crowned the champion due to its action of redressing the gender balance in its workplaces and for actively growing and championing female talent.  

This is just another example of the way Salesforce is striving to increase job opportunities for the talent they currently have in place, and as a way to attract talent into the organisation. 


Acting Now on Career Opportunities 

Looking at Salesforce’s success over the last few monthsit seems almost as if the pandemic has been unable to get in the way of the company’s upward trajectory.  

With the company going from strength to strength, the opportunities that we can offer candidates remain varied and competitive. 

It is for this reason that we are encouraging Salesforce employees to use right now as a time to reassess your career.  

To talk to one of our team about current Salesforce job opportunities, get in touch with us here, or click here to browse our current vacancies 


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