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How the Pandemic Has Made Job-Seeking Easier for the Zoom Generation

Job seeking in a post-pandemic world – not something that you would have predicted doing at the start of your career. 

And despite the obvious difficulties the pandemic has caused in certain areas, things have been made surprisingly easier in others

Searching for that new role has been revolutionised, with career opportunities presenting themselves to Salesforce candidates in different ways and new locations. 

For Salesforce employees and those in industries where remote work has now been adopted, the career possibilities are endless. The Zoom generation – those progressing through careers right now as the world of work is changing around us, will have access to roles on a scale like never before. 

Todays blog looks at the implications of these new opportunities for job seekers in the Salesforce space. 


Increased Flexibility for Salesforce Job Seekers  

The devastating loss of life caused by the pandemic is a global tragedy. Yet, from this disaster, positives are emerging. 

A recent article in The Conversation highlighted how Covid-19 could have a lasting, positive effect on workplace culture. Sometimes it takes a massive shake-up for positive change to happen. 

The culture of trust and collaboration formed organically from remote work also benefits both employees and employers. Paul Zak, author of Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companiesstates, Employees in high-trust organisations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies. 

The way that Salesforce has backed remote working demonstrates how trusting they are as an employer – and this is one reason they are recognised as one of the top employers in the world. 

In your current role, is there a culture of trust? Switching to an employer who gives you more autonomy and allowing you greater freedom is increasingly becoming a ‘must-have’ for Salesforce candidates. The new remote working culture means that we see these roles more and more.  

If you are thinking about moving to a role that allows you more flexibility, there are plenty of options available to you – click here to view our current vacancies.  

Next, lets look at how job seeking has changed in the Zoom generation.  


The Benefits of Job Seeking in the Remote Age 

The recruitment process has changed significantly in the last 12 months. 

There is far more of an emphasis on video interviews and software that makes the process possible from afar. As a Salesforce recruiter, we have access to exclusive opportunities. We are working with top Salesforce clients to find them the best talent continually – remote recruitment is now starting to be considered the norm 

If youve been working within the same Salesforce role during the pandemic but are thinking about your next move and wonder what the post-pandemic recruitment process will be like, we can help. Remote recruitment has plenty of benefits for candidates; you might be surprised at the range of new opportunities available to you – click here to talk to one of our Salesforce career experts.  

Another win for current job seekers is the almost total eradication of location-based recruitment. 

If you are thinking of job seeking this year, is your job search focused on one area? Once considered an unusual occurrence, it is becoming increasingly common that job seekers are looking outside their geographical region. There is no longer the need to be tied to work in the area you live in, and top Salesforce employers understand this. 

If you are looking for a new Salesforce role and would like to know more about the scope of opportunities available to you across the UK – get in contact with us today.  


Salesforce: Putting‘ People First 

There is a real buzz in the Salesforce space regarding how the way employees work is evolving. 

Although some roles have been offered on a remote basis historically, these positions were coveted. Not all Salesforce candidates had the option to choose whether to work from home or the office. 

These flexible options have not only improved the work-life balance of Salesforce employees, but they are also contributing to an improvement in all areas of employees lives.  

Increased job seekers’ choices in terms of location and start-finish times have made it possible for Salesforce employees to live the kind of lives they want finally. Their work can slot in around their personal lives, whether thats childcare or fitting in a mid-day gym session, to be able to get on the property ladder thanks to a greater choice in where they can live. 


Finding Your Next Remote Salesforce Role 

If you would like to discuss the future of your Salesforce career and are looking for remote opportunities to give yourself freedom from the commute and the 9-5, we can help. 

Get in touch with us today on 01322 272 532 or send us a message here to talk to one of our Salesforce careers experts about the opportunities we have for you. 





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