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How Well Are You Treating Your Tech Stars?

Life as a manager can be difficult.  

There’s a great deal of work to be done to excel as a technology leader or manager. The facts are that managers are more than just people who issue orders and track results, they are also the motivators that inspire their teams to success.  

As the head of your team, it will be up to you to delegate tasks efficiently to the people with the right skills, mentor staff members, help put in place a personal development plan and teach your new hires what it means to be part of your company’s culture. After all, the success of a business relies on how well a team can work together under the direction of a great leader.  

The following suggestions will help you to nurture your tech stars, so your company can truly shine. 


1. Be A Great Listener


Personal Development


It is easy to get distracted when you are running a business. There are many things to think about, from cash flow to contracts and keeping clients happy. Sometimes, that can mean that the concerns of staff members get overlooked.  

While tunnel vision can be common among managers, it is helpful to step back and look at the whole situation with more clarity. Listen to your employees and find out what they need to be better at their jobs. Ask them to give you feedback about your management style and consider collaborating with your hires when you need to come up with creative resolutions to problems.  

Listening shows your employees that you value their opinion, makes them feel more devoted to the brand and helps you to benefit from a diverse range of perspectives.  


2. Empower Employees

Often, being a great leader is about working out what drives your staff to give their best performance. Managers need to create a healthy and nurturing atmosphere in their business so that each person in their group has the space and support they need to grow.  

The best way to empower teams is to avoid the issue of micromanagement and give your people the chance to make the most of their skills. Ask them what they need to get a job done, whether it is additional training, support from others, or simply an extra piece of software.  

If your hires feel as though they’re actively making progress towards their professional goals, they will be happier in their roles.  


3. Nurture Growth With A Personal Development Plan


Personal Development


A great manager not only helps their teams to thrive in their existing positions but also gives them the tools they need to continue growing too. As businesses attempt to nurture their customers with regular support and guidance, employers need to look after their tech stars too. 

A personal development plan can be a great way to show staff that you are interested in their future and that they have an opportunity to achieve something great with your brand. Remember, growth for most tech talent will go beyond being able to use the latest Salesforce software or cloud computing tools. Your people might want to expand their network with tickets to industry events or take part in essential business discussions.  

Often, managers who treat their employees with generosity get the biggest returns in the form of stronger employer brands, more significant profits, and reduce turnover.  


4. Reward Good Work

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. A rewards program can help you to show your hires that you value their performance, even when you do not have time to check in on them regularly. An employee of the month program may be an excellent place to start. However, the best rewards are often personalised to suit the needs of each person in your team.  

For instance, your technology star might appreciate the chance to win a trip to an upcoming software conference. Not only does this appeal to your staff member’s personal interests, but also gives them an opportunity to expand their skills, which brings more benefits to your brand.  

Learning about your hires and responding to their individual needs, expectations, and hopes can help to transform you from just another boss, into the ultimate tech manager.  

5. Empathise and Respect


Personal Development


Finally, while a boss does not need to be best friends with their team, it can be helpful to show your people just how much you respect and value them. Be the manager you dreamt of being when you first earned your promotion by showing your staff that you understand their concerns, and you are there to help them reach their goals.  

Be a leader and guide your group towards success one step at a time, reminding them that you know what its like to be in their shoes. You want your hires to grow into successful people, so make sure that you show them that.  


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