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In the clouds or on the ground?

Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle Report has been released and showed that the hype around has reached its highest levels to date this year.

The analyst firm claimed cloud computing is among the emerging technologies that have moved into the “Peak of Inflated Expectations” stage of the cycle of acceptance and adoption that it charts using a proprietary methodology.

The hype-cycle, tracks technologies’ trends from their conceptualisation, through the hype of them being the “next big thing”, through the valley of despair as they fail to live up to expectations, to a plateau of maturity whereby that technology is used for what it is designed within realistic expectations.

This diagram, shows the Hype Cycle for cloud computing and can help us predict how the technology will be perceived and acted upon in the future.

Jackie Fenn, vice president and Gartner fellow, said “computing remained among those technology areas attracting ongoing interest and activity, alongside social media and mobile.”

At Resource on Demand we follow these reports with great interest and believe that whilst there may be a ‘trough of disillusionment’, this will be short-lived, likely due a double-dip recession where firms will seek to gain value for money from their IT systems, leading to a likely take-up of cloud computing. Indeed it is quite likely that we are already on the ‘slope of enlightenment’, as cloud and web platforms become increasingly common place, especially in the light of iTunes launching iCloud.

What do you think? Is this report accurate? Are we heading into the trough or already on the slope of enlightenment?

Source: Gartner, Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2011 David Mitchell Smith Publication Date: 27 July 2011 ID Number: G00214915 © 2011


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