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Interview Tips for Employers: Can they think for themselves?

Interview Tips for EmployersThe hiring process is time consuming and finding the right person for the job is hard. As an employer, you want someone who is able to think for themselves. To help employers define which applicants can do just that, we have provided some questions you can ask and the reasons why these questions are good to ask. They are also extremely helpful at consultant and managerial level interviews to identify who can think on their feet.

Improving the interview process

Asking applicants if there is anything they would do to improve the interview process, gives the interviewer the chance to see if they will happily speak up for themselves or not. If they come back with some improvements, it will not only help you to improve your interview process, but to see if they are happy to voice their thoughts and opinions.

In our experience, those who do not share their thoughts and opinions end up leaving a place of work when they get ‘fed up’ with things that are causing them problems. But as most of us are aware, managers and employers are not mind readers. Therefore, unless you voice an issue people are normally unaware of it. Additionally, for the applicants that do provide a response, it gives you the chance to see what their thought process is and how they work.

Reasons NOT to hire you

Applicants attend interviews, with the aim to sell the reasons TO hire them. So when they are asked to give reasons NOT to hire them, they are usually a little bit thrown by this question. But this is an important question to ask. It will highlight if the applicant is able to criticise themselves and has an awareness of their abilities and skills. Those who can criticise themselves logically and without emotion, are generally more successful as they are aware of both their weaknesses and their strengths. They therefore play more towards their strengths, but can identify and set aside time to focus on working on their weaknesses.

Any questions

The general question which most interviewers ask at the end of the interview is ‘do you have any questions’? From personal experience, we have noticed that those who are more dedicated to the opportunity do ask questions. Not questions about what time lunch break is, but questions about career progression. What the team is like and what to expect within their role. Questions which do not present the applicant as a ‘time watcher’ but as someone who wants to work for your company and see a career for themselves in the business.

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