//Is Contracting the Best Move for Your Salesforce Career?

Is Contracting the Best Move for Your Salesforce Career?

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“What is the secret of success. Right decisions.” – Abdul Kalam

These days, more and more Salesforce professionals are becoming Salesforce contractors. Their reasons for doing so vary, from increased flexibility to the potential for higher earnings. The decision to step into the contracting world requires careful consideration of both the pros and the cons. In this blog we’ll be looking at these aspects of contracting and how to decide whether contracting is for you. So, let’s get started…


As a contractor, you’re able to work on what you want, when you want. This means you’re also able to focus more on projects that most interest you. And are less obliged to work those that don’t. For many Salesforce contractors, this is one of the main reasons for becoming a contractor. They want to work on projects they enjoy. As a contractor, you’re also your own boss. This means less micro-management and more autonomy, which studies have shown is something that appeals to many people. 

However, many people entering into contracting, don’t realise the effort that can go into finding their next project.  Selling your skills and ability is a must for all contractors, but not necessarily a strength. Thankfully this is where recruitment specialists, such as Resource On Demand, come into play.  As Salesforce recruiters, they will be able to let you know of contract positions that are coming available, that match the kind of projects you wish to work on.


In terms of job security, contracting is usually the less secure option. For instance, most contract assignments can be terminated at short notice, which is great for a company if they need to suddenly cut spending, but not so great for you.  You may also find yourself without work in between assignments, so having savings tucked away to take you through this period is very important.

And contrary to popular belief that the contract world is more resilient to economic change, it is in fact affected just as much as the permanent sector.   And during the last recession of 2008, we witnessed first hand, swathes of contractors rejoining the permanent workforce, as contract roles were in short supply. 


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Money is a big driver when Salesforce professionals first consider going in to contracting. Salesforce contractors on paper seem to have a higher earning potential compared to their permanent counterparts. However, this is largely in part because they are responsible for their own Income Tax and NI contributions; the cost of accommodation, if they have to stay away if the contract is not a commutable distance; plus supplying their own equipment and professional insurances.

Plus they also need to consider that they will not be given paid time off for sickness and holidays. On the flip side, they can also take sabbaticals or extended holiday in between contracts, so have more flexibility than permanent employees.  

Career Development

Contractors very rarely have the same access to training and skills development that permanent employees have. So any career development and training are usually self-funded by the individual. On the plus side, Salesforce contractors have demonstrated that they can increase their skills quickly by working a variety of projects within different industry sectors.

So whether you think contracting is on the cards for you, make sure that you explore all the pros and cons before you break away and ensure that you have some contingency planning in place first.

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