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Is Customer Service at the Heart of Your Salesforce Strategy?

Salesforce is one of the most transparent brands; it’s one of the reasons they are continually recognised as one of the best employers in the world. 

The way Salesforce keeps abreast of trends in the CRM sector like no other company allows them to give an amazing customer experience, and this is also of great value to employees too. 

The latest Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report has recently been released, documenting the challenges and opportunities for Salesforce in a world that has been changed and shaped by Covid, climate crises, leadership challenges and social justice. 

The report got me thinking about the importance of the customer now, as those who work in Salesforce navigate the ‘new normal’ – and what Salesforce experts must do to keep your customers front of mind in your business strategy going forwards. 

Today we look at how Salesforce is changing, and what this means for your team and your business strategy for the ‘new normal’.  


How Customer Focus Has Shifted in the New Normal 

Now, more than ever, the ability for brands to connect with their customers on a personal level is vital.  

As the Connected Customer report states, “Customers demand digital-first convenience and are leaning on brands to innovate like never before. Theyre seeking not just more personalised experiences, but empathetic ones.” 

For several years now, Salesforce has been the number one CRM in the world – and they have achieved this by putting the customer first, always. 

Their customer-centric model made it easier for them to know what to do when the pandemic hit. Salesforce quickly started coming up with new services and add-ons to help their customers to navigate the world that was rapidly changing around them. 

The new report states that 90% of customers say that the way organisations acted during the initial Covid crisis demonstrates their trustworthiness – something which is more important than ever.  


The Customer Experience 

Building success for your company by delivering amazing customer experience is what Salesforce is all about. 

Four-fifths of customers place the same importance on engagement as they do on product quality. It is the relationships that we build with customers that keep them coming back time and again; something which has always been true of Salesforce but something that we need to give an extra focus to now. 

How has your customer experience changed since the pandemic? What kind of brand messages are you sending out? 

53% of customers say they feel an emotional connection to the brands they buy from regularly, so it is essential to stay connected, find out what it is your customers need from you, emotionally, and provide this for them. 


Putting the Customer First – Strategies to Implement 

The relationship that each individual consumer has with the brands they interact with is changing.  

Here are some strategies to implement to ensure you are putting the customer first in your new business strategy 

  • Take a digital-first approach – with the rise of remote working, Zoom meetings and more digital communications than we could have ever imagined. Customers are expecting organisations to embrace digital ‘everything’ with multichannel operations fully – are you doing everything you can to continually wow your customers? 
  • Work on eliminating burdens and reducing stressors for your customers – make sure you are continually reviewing your market and your customer needs – things are changing fast right now, and you need to make sure you keep up with the rapidly changing market. 
  • Demonstrating your values – customers are more empowered than ever, and they are increasingly choosing only brands with the best credentials. Whether that’s fighting climate changes, focusing on the wellness of your team or showing your awareness of current social and economic issues in your sector – customers want to know about it. A move away from Sales-based brand messages and a move towards a conversational relationship is needed for businesses who want to connect with their customers and nurture longstanding and trustworthy relationships.  

For many businesses, the new normal calls for a revisit to your brand ethos and values and then communicating this with your customers so they can see how they fit into the bigger picture – the story of your brand. 

Finally, let’s look at how you can enhance your team to be able to deliver this fantastic customer experience.  


Moving Forward with Your Team  

Uncertainty has been a major theme since the pandemic struck. 

Salesforce teams have worked continually to help clients continue to connect with their customers during this uncertain time.  

There are things that Salesforce leaders can be doing to ensure they have the best possible team in place to tackle whatever is to come and to strengthen their relationships with customers even further.  

Having the best possible team in place is the best possible way to protect your business, deliver for your clients and to continue to provide excellent Salesforce services to your customers and your client’s customers. 

If you are looking for new Salesforce talent to help drive your business forwards – we can help. 

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